Village Bicycle Project

Village School Bicycle Program

Hundreds of school going children in villages just 100 kilometres away from Chennai currently walk 3 to 5 kilometres to school everyday.

School Connects has launched the Village School Bicycle Program in partnership with Just Buy Cycles with the aim to provide at least 50 second hand cycles to these children to ease their commute and increase their mobility and access to school, healthcare and eventually jobs.

We urge parents to support this initiative by participating in our bicycle exchange program! Make a difference in the community by donating your old bicycle or exchanging it for a new one at a discounted price so the old cycles can be re-furbished and distributed for second hand use to the children in need.

Our program sponsor, Just Buy Cycles will collect and refurbish the exchanged cycles and make them ready for second hand use.
The cycles will be then be distributed to the children in need by a well established NGO, Aid India.

Our Mission

We aim to provide a minimum of 50 quality refurbished bicycles by 3rd week of May 2019 to children who currently walk long distances to school.

Through this initiative we jointly aim to ease the burden of school children in villages by improving their mobility and enabling their productivity with better access to schools, healthcare and eventually better access to jobs.

Bicycle Exchange Program

We urge you to avail this exchange program at any Just Buy Cycles store in Chennai.

  • Upto 20% on select kids Firefox bike
  • Upto 15% on select adult Firefox bike
  • 5 to 10% on all other bikes
  • Exchange offer valid on old 24" or above cycle only

  • Offer Period 1st March to 16th April, 2019

    Progress so far

    2 Bikes donated by parents.

    11 New Bikes donated by parents.

    18 Bikes exchanged by parents.

    0 Bikes refurbished by Just Buy Cycles.

    0 Bikes distributed by Aid India.

    Distribution Schedule

    Javadhu Hills - 21st May 2019

    Tiruttani - 27th May 2019

    Kalvarayan Hills - 30th May 2019

    * The above date are aprrox dates and are subject to change.

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