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Hello Medical Aspirants! We know most of you in India are preparing for NEET 2019 and the examination day is about to knock your doorstep!

Take a minute-break from your busy schedule to go through NEET essential documents checklist, and helpful tips on things-to-do to make the best of the balance time.

NEET Document Checklist:

On the NEET exam day, you must carry these documents to get entry into examination center (get them ready now, if you haven’t already):

#1 Passport size photograph: A copy of the same photograph in passport size as was uploaded in NEET Examination Form. It will be pasted on the NEET attendance sheet.

#2 NEET Admit Card: A print copy of your NEET Admit Card with passport size photograph affixed on it.

#3 Original Photo ID: Original copy of PAN Card or Driving License or Voter ID / Passport/ Aadhaar Card (with the photograph)/ Ration Card are acceptable as Photo ID.

#4 [For PwD (Persons with Benchmark Disabilities) candidates: PwD certificate issued by prescribed authority]

On the Night Before The Day of NEET Exam:

✓ Eat Healthy Dinner.
✓ Keep Your Backpack ready with all the necessary stuff required for travel and documents required for the examination center.
✓ Go to sleep early to rise early and revise the crux stuff. There is no replacement for a morning revision.

On the Day of NEET Exam:

✓ Follow dress code: LIGHT clothes with HALF sleeves [Full sleeves are not allowed].
✓ Wear slippers and sandals. [Shoes are not allowed]
✓ Try to reach the center by 12:00 p.m. The early, the better. [Entry opens at 12:00 p.m.]
✓ Must carry your documents as enlisted in documents checklist.

Hope you will find these tips helpful in the preparation of performance in your NEET examination.

Without taking much more time, we, on behalf of the entire team Lincoln American University, wish you and all the NEET aspirants very best of luck and success.

Stay calm and don’t worry. Just Give Best of You and Luck Will Be Best!

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