Let us together help YOUR CHILD know the CORRECT SPELLING.

SPELLer BEE worldwide program is for ANY child of ANY school in ANY country.

Each student of the registered schools will be offered H&D Scholarship.

All students of the schools "registered" with SPELL BEE ACADEMY will not have to pay any
fee for the SPELLer BEE program.

Any School in Any Country can register Any Day with SPELL BEE ACADEMY. There is no fee.
It is 'ALL' Free - registration of the schools / students for the Spell Bee exams and the learning
material shared with the students for the same.

H&D Scholarship is world's 1st Spelling Scholarship Program since 2019, from Debashis Pati.
He is a "Spelling Habit Creator" and the "author" of maximum number of preparatory books for
multiple Spell Bee competition exams. He is a Spelling, Grammar and Word Reader Teacher as well
as a Phonics Teacher Trainer. He has designed Phonics Swar Gyan, a Phonics Learning Program.
SPELL BEE ACADEMY is his vision. He wants SPELLING LEARNING to reach every child.
And wants it to become A HABIT.


Here is a "FIRST LEARN and THEN TEST" opportunity for all students worldwide.

# Children from Senior KG (a year before Class 1) to Class 10 can participate in this.

# ANY child from ANY country can register ANY day for this.

# Child's school must be registered with SPELL BEE ACADEMY.

# Any school in any country can register any day with SPELL BEE ACADEMY.
No fee for the same.



Learning material are provided after registration for a particular level.
Learning material - WORD LISTS - will be shared in lots through the months
at our website. After child learns each lot parent must inform same vide
email to get the next lot of WORD LISTS.

Parents will be guided on the process after successful registration. No fee
for the same.

No classes to be attended for learning.

Parent can contact author vide email for any query related to the study material.


There will be two rounds of tests - PRELIM and FINAL.

Each test will be conducted in an online class. All questions will be asked
from the learning material provided only.

Details on the test process will be provided to parents only before the test.
All related queries will be answered then.

Test dates will be informed vide email. Email ID provided during registration
will be used for this communication. We will not whatsapp thsi communication.

# Levels

There are 9 levels depending on the class / grade of the child.

Level 0 : Senior KG (one year before Class 1)
Level 1 : Class 1
Level 2 : Class 2
Level 3 : Class 3
Level 4 : Class 4
Level 5 : Class 5
Level 6 : Class 6
Level 7 : Class 7 / Class 8
Level 8 : Class 9 / Class 10

A child can give one level in a year.
A child can start at a lower level as well.
Level 2 child can start from Level 1.
And Level 3 child can start from Level 2.


Certificate will be sent by email after the final round only.


# Nil for the two rounds of exams as well as the learning material provided through our website
(sequentially in lots) for the same.

No hidden cost after registration or later on.


Step 1 : Find out if your child's school is registered.

Check with us if your child's school is registered.

If school is registered then proceed to Step 3.

Step 2 : School registration (if school is not already registered)

If school is not registered then get your child's school registered.
School registration is free. The school registration form is provided below.
Parents can coordinate sending of the the filled/signed form at phonicsindia@gmail.com
from the school's email ID.

Schools that contact us directly will also get registered.
Schools can write to us at phonicsindia@gmail.com with their contact details.
A school of ANY COUNTRY can register ANY DAY.

A school after registration has to share communciation about this SPELL BEE
among all its students. The method of communication with students has to be
decided by the school.

If a school does not share the course with all its students then the registration
may get cancelled. We believe in equal learning opportunity to all children worldwide.


Step 3 : Register your child.

Student registration is free. Students of registered schools can ONLY participate in this.

A school can do bulk registration as well.


Please send us the following details at phonicsindia@gmail.com

Please do not whatsapp these details requested.

1. Name of child :

2. Grade of child in current academic year :

3. School of child - Name, Address and Contact details :

4. Correspondence address of child (with PIN/ZIP code) :

5. email ID of parent :

6. Mobile number of parent :

7. Attach child's school ID card image

For any clarification or query whatsapp +91 9820354672.


Do try to request them to do so.

If in spite of your request(s) the school does not register with SPELL BEE ACADEMY
then your child cannot register for this 'ALL' Free SPELLer BEE.

But your child must not miss out on SPELLING LEARNING through a SPELL BEE
exam process. You can go for a paid SPELL BEE program for your child. Click on
below image to know more about an affordable worldwide SPELL BEE program.


For any clarification or query whatsapp +91 9820354672.

Come let us together give your child the right beginning!

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This initiative is fully supported by Phonics eStore, the "most complete" place for Phonics in the world.

Welcome !

Phonics eStore is glad to present to you Spell India SPELL BEE championship - a "100% Spelling Bee" for young children.

“Spelling learning is a global need. It is every household's need. Early spelling learning helps in many ways. Spell India knows the importance of the same, and hence it was born.”

“Let us together help your child know the “Correct” Spelling.

In order to catalyse spelling learning in India, Spell India has the following focus :
# Make available maximum number of spelling books, 24x7 at amazon … convenient access to all
# Make available ‘preparatory study material for “multiple” Spelling Bee exams in India. 1st to do so in India.
# Conduct a 100% Spell Bee championship, Nursery level onwards … with extensive study material … maximum preparation time … with less total cost and stress

There are 3 rounds of championship tests for each class – Prelim, Final and Mega Final. Each child can appear for each test. This will maximise learning opportunity. Also ‘not doing well once’ does not mean ‘it will always be so’ – child can prove this, and learn this life-rule.

Tests centers in your state itself. No out of state travel involved. Each round can be given directly or through child’s school.

To register your child directly – if not through child's school - email child’s name, class and school, your name and mobile number to phonicsindia@gmail.com. You will then be advised to pay online for the Test fee and Test Books Set.
No ranks, only grades will be given. Certificate will be given after each round of test. Grade will be stated on it. Trophies and medals for top graders only.

Do compare us with other Spell Bee competitions in India. Few suggested criteria follow … do guide us on how to improve.
# 100% Spelling topics and questions.
# All books made available at the beginning. No paid orientation.
# No rejection of child after a round. No cash prizes. No ranks.
# Focus on ‘total cost’ control – cost of books, test fees & travel/stay cost.
# No stage show, and no grand event management.
# Name does not include the words National and International.

For any clarification or assistance or registration or association, please write to us at phonicsindia@gmail.com or whatsapp +91 9820354672.

© Copyright 2018 - 2020 Phonics eStore All rights reserved.

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SPELL BEE ACADEMY ... a vision of Debashis Pati, a Spelling Habit Creator

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