Std 06 Science Chapter 07 Getting to know Plants

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You need to adopt new methods to teach your kid.
i.e. Visual communication

Let us explain how Visual communication will help your kid when they are studying.

Our brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text and 20% of what it reads.

Approximately 65 % of humans are visual learners.
People remember 80% of what they see, as against 10% of what they hear.

90% of information absorbed by the brain is visual.

While teaching, visuals improve learning by up to 400%
2D – 3D animated content increases willingness to learn, motivates and participates by 80%

After school, sending them to tuition may not only help much.

Anyhow, their concepts must be clear, only then they would be able to answer any question during their exams.

The only and effective way is to use eTEN e-Learning app. eTEN has 2D – 3D animated concept learning videos. Animated videos are the simplest way to express any complicated ideas in a memorable way, and they are the best tools to enable educational.

Many studies have found that retention of information is high after watching videos because the information is transmitted to the brain in auditory and visual form.

After listening to a lecture for a while, your kid might find it boring and difficult to maintain the necessary concentration.

Learning methods need to be more entertaining and productive in order to keep the focus of your kid. Studies have shown that information delivered through stories and in visual form is more easily understood and recalled. Animated educational videos will allow them to grasp information quickly.

We strongly suggest you must subscribe to eTEN. Referring to eTEN videos before the topic is taught in the school or tuition will help them to understand the lecture much easily. They will be able to participate and become an active learner

Having eTEN in your hand, you can choose what you want to learn that too at your own pace. Learning becomes more convenient, whenever and wherever you please.

Yes, eTEN will help your kid to score more.

eTEN comes with a 3 Day free trial with the full syllabus

Evaluate now and subscribe eTEN for only Rs 150 per month

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