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Mayank Bomb explains NCERT Class 6 Science Chapter Chapter 10: Motion & Measurement of Distances

What is Measurement?
 Comparing unknown to known.
 Always done using a measure (usually numerical) + unit for example 2 meters
Units of Measurement
Primitive Units Used Body Parts
 Cubit (18 to 22 inches)

Distance and Transport @0:16
Modes of Transport @1:06
Types of Modes of Transport @1:38
Land Transport @1:49
Water Transport @2:03
Air, Rocket etc @2:21
Fuel in Vehicles @2:31
Animal/Human Powered @2:42
Fossil @2:52
Renewable @3:11
Electro-Magnetic @3:15
Speed of Transport @3:40
Measurement @4:27
What is Measurement? @4:38
Unit of Measurement @7:58
Fathom @9:28
Hand Span @9:43
Stride Length @10:02
Foot @10:07
So what is the Problem? @10:58
Some Unification @ 12:01
MKS System @12:25
CGS System @12:51
FPS System @12:57
SI Units @13:52
What is a Meter? @15:09
Scale of Length/Distances @15:28
Important Prefixes @16:59
Other SI Units @19:43
Measuring Devices and Right Measuring @19:55
Reading the Scale @20:08
Correct Way of Doing Measurement @21:07
Errors in Measurement @22:46
Choosing Right Device @22:58
Motion and Types of Motion @24:44
Translatory @25:12
Rotatory or Circular @26:33
Rolling @28:22
Periodic Motion or Non – Periodic @30:11
Concept of Speed @31:54
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Mayank Bomb had worked as Sr. Architect with Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, USA. He has 5 Patented Inventions in Computer Architecture. He is a ECE graduate from University of Texas Austin, USA & B. Tech. EE from IIT Varanasi.
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