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    Just when Mr. Durrell was entertaining the idea of exploring animal conservation, he got a...
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    The story begins in Sotheby’s auction house, where a Chinese statue, belonging to an...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 8

    The Spider and the Fly' by Mary Howitt describes the entrapment of a silly fly who gives into...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 7

    “Desiderata” is an inspirational poem by Max Ehrmann in which he attempts to offer a positive...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 6

    John brown is an anti-war song composed and performed by the American singer-songwriter and...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 5

    The story begins with the description of a down-to-earth boot shop, belonging to the Gessler...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 4

    The narrator, Shankar and his friend Jayanto get away from their busy schedules to spend a...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 3

    A young and carefree Salvatore, who spent his days swimming in the sea, climbing rocks, and...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 2

    The Gift of India is a poem written in 1915 by the Indian poet, freedom fighter and politician...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 1

    The Dolphins’ by Carol Ann Duffy is a dramatic monologue written from the perspective of...


11th Class Chapter No 1 - Introduction to Political Science in Political Science for ISC

  • Traditionally the term ‘politics’ has been used to identify the science of state and government.Aristotle, regarded as Father of Political Scienceused the term to designate the subject which concerns itself with the study of life in the ‘Polis’.
  • The traditional meaning of Politics focuses on the current political problems and issues that are faced and handled by the government of the state. The scope of theoretical politics are the theory of states, sovereignty, theory of government, theory of legislation, and theory of state as legal entity or as an artificial legal p...
  • The scope of applied politics includesExisting Forms of Government, the present State, the Government, Constitutional Law and Usage, Laws and Legislation, Diplomacy, Peace and war, treaties, conventions.
  • Political Science is the discipline studying State and Government.Politics is actual practice of Political activities and current problems and issues faced by the government.Politics differs from state to state and within a state from time to time.
  • The principles of political science are universal. The traditional view of Political Science has been rejected by the modern political scientists.No real distinction exists between Political Science and Politics.Modern Political Scientists use the concept of Political system for the study of politics.
  • According to the modern view, politics is the process of struggle for power in the society and process of conflict resolution. It is a process, by which authoritative values are made, implemented and adjudicated.The major structures of politicsare Government, Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, Pressure groups, Interest groups Bureaucracy, Political Elites, and Political Parties.
  • Science is defined as a subject which is distinguished by its exactness and predictability. According to traditional view politics is not a science. Experiments can be conducted in Science and the validity of conclusions proved but this is not possible in Political Science.
  • According to modern view politics is a science. Modern Political Scientists rejects the traditional definition of Science. According to the modern view, science does not stand for exactness, predictability and experimentation. But it means systematic i.e scientific method of study.
  • The study of Politics involves the use of scientific method, hence it is a science. Some Principles of science which were considered valid in the Nineteenth century were proved to be wrong in the twentieth century. Meteorology is considered to be a science but sometimes the weather predictions are found to be inaccurate.
  • Politics has several agreed principles now which are universally recognized and accepted by all. Law of cause and effect also operates in Politics
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  • 11th-class Political Science Chapter 2

    Divine Origin Theory :   Divine Origin Theory of the State is the oldest theory of the...

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