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  • 11th-class English Chapter 10

    Just when Mr. Durrell was entertaining the idea of exploring animal conservation, he got a...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 9

    The story begins in Sotheby’s auction house, where a Chinese statue, belonging to an...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 8

    The Spider and the Fly' by Mary Howitt describes the entrapment of a silly fly who gives into...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 7

    “Desiderata” is an inspirational poem by Max Ehrmann in which he attempts to offer a positive...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 6

    John brown is an anti-war song composed and performed by the American singer-songwriter and...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 5

    The story begins with the description of a down-to-earth boot shop, belonging to the Gessler...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 4

    The narrator, Shankar and his friend Jayanto get away from their busy schedules to spend a...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 3

    A young and carefree Salvatore, who spent his days swimming in the sea, climbing rocks, and...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 2

    The Gift of India is a poem written in 1915 by the Indian poet, freedom fighter and politician...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 1

    The Dolphins’ by Carol Ann Duffy is a dramatic monologue written from the perspective of...

11th Class Chapter No 20 - Measures of Dispersion in economics for ISC

Range and Quartile
The extent to which the numerical data in any distribution differs from each other is known as dispersion. Objectives of measuring dispersion are: to test the reliability of an average, to serve as a basis for control of variability, etc.


Mean Deviation
Dispersion is defined as the extent to which values differ from their average. Mean deviation of a series is the arithmetic mean of the absolute deviation of various items taken from central values i.e. Mean, Median or Mode.


Standard Deviation
Standard deviation is the square root of arithmetic average of the squares of the deviations measured from mean. It was introduced by Karl Pearson in 1823. The relative measure of standard deviation is measured as the ratio of standard deviation with mean.

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