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  • 10th-class civics Chapter 7

    The Constitution of India provides for a Council of Ministers, with the Prime Minister as its...
  • 10th-class civics Chapter 9

    The High Court The Constitution of India provides a High Court for each state. At present...
  • 10th-class civics Chapter 4

    The concept of Non-Aligned Movement came into existence during the Cold War period, when Asia...
  • 10th-class civics Chapter 3

    Human Rights Human rights are the basic rights, to which every single individual is entitled....
  • 10th-class civics Chapter 2

    World Health Organisation (WHO) It is the specialised agency for health establishment on...
  • 10th-class civics Chapter 1

    United Nations Organisation (UNO) Destructive and horrifying experiences of the two World...
  • 10th-class science Chapter 23

    Properties of Sulphuric Acid: Sulphuric Acid has molecular formula H2SO4and molecular mass...
  • 10th-class Science Chapter 38

    Population: Population is defined as a group of organisms of the same species living in one...
  • 10th-class Science Chapter 37

    There is a wide variety of health systems around the world, with as many histories...
  • 10th-class Science Chapter 35

    Gene: A gene is a region of DNA which is made up of nucleotides and is the molecular unit...


10th Class Chapter No 15 - Loci in Maths for ICSE


  • Locus is the path traced by a moving point satisfying certain conditions

Theorem 1

The locus of a point, which is equidistant from two fixed points (A and B), is the perpendicular bisector of the line segment joining the two fixed points.

Theorem 2

The locus of a point, which is equidistant from two intersecting straight lines (AB and CD), is  a pair of straight lines which bisect the angles between the given lines

Theorem 3

The locus of a point, in a plane and at a fixed distance from a given fixed point, is the circumference of the circle with the given fixed point as centre and given fixed distance as radius

Theorem 4

The locus of a point, which is equidistant from two given parallel lines, is a line parallel to the given lines and midway between them

Theorem 5

The locus of a point, which is at a given distance from a given line, is a pair of lines parallel to the given line and at the given distance from it

Theorem 6

  • The locus of the mid-points of all equal chords in a circle is the circumference of the circle concentric with the given circle and having radius equal to the perpendicular distance of all equal chords from the centre
  • Equal chords of a circle are equidistant from its centre

Theorem 7

The locus of mid-points of all parallel chords in a circle is the diameter of the circle which is perpendicular to the given parallel chords

Theorem 8

The locus of a point equidistant from two concentric circles is the circumference of the circle concentric with the given circles and midway between them
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