Other Chapters For 6th

  • 6th-class English Chapter 8

  • 6th-class English Chapter 7

  • 6th-class English Chapter 16

  • 6th-class English Chapter 15

    This poem tells us about the life of a teacher.
  • 6th-class English Chapter 14

    The poet says, "Beauty is heard in …" Can you hear beauty? Add a sound that you think is...
  • 6th-class English Chapter 13

    . The poet quarrelled with her brother. She is not sure what the reason of the quarrel was...
  • 6th-class English Chapter 12

    This Poem describes the beauty of the Kite.
  • 6th-class English Chapter 11

    A house and a home are not the same thing. They differ in many ways. A house is just a set of...
  • 6th-class English Chapter 10

    About the lesson. The author, as a young boy, witnesses a true Indian scene - a...
  • 6th-class English Chapter 9

    About the lesson. Life needs water, and although deserts are of different types, they still...


6th Class Chapter No 4 - Maps in Geography for CBSE NCERT

This lesson tells us about Maps and its importance. A compilation of many maps is called an atlas. Maps are categorized into three broad types: Physicalmaps; Political maps; Thematic maps. Physical maps show natural features of the earth, such as mountains, plateaus, plans, rivers and oceans. Physical maps are also called relief maps
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Other Geography Chapters For 6th

  • 6th-class Geography Chapter 8

    In this lesson, a brief difference between the terms weather and climate, different seasons...
  • 6th-class Geography Chapter 7

  • 6th-class Geography Chapter 6

    About the lesson. The size and shape of the surface of the earth varies from place to place, and...
  • 6th-class Geography Chapter 5

    This lesson talks about four major domains of the earth- lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere...
  • 6th-class Geography Chapter 3

    The Earth has two types of motions: Rotation and Revolution. Rotation. The movement of the Earth...
  • 6th-class Geography Chapter 2

    Globe: Latitude Longitude. Learning Goals: Longitudes and Latitudes; Important parallels of...
  • 6th-class Geography Chapter 1

    The Solar System is the gravitationally bound system comprising the Sun and the objects that...

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