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  • 6th-class Science Chapter 16

    All the waste materials and other household waste produced on a daily basis are termed as...
  • 6th-class Science Chapter 15

    Air is found everywhere.Air is a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapour and a...
  • 6th-class Science Chapter 14

    Water is precious, fundamental and the most essential substances required for the existence of...
  • 6th-class Science Chapter 13

    A magnet is a metallic object which attracts iron or magnetic things. Magnetite: It is an ore of...
  • 6th-class Science Chapter 12

    Current is the flow of particles in a particular direction. E.g air currents that cause winds or...
  • 6th-class Science Chapter 11

    Light is a form of energy which helps us in seeing objects. When light falls on an object, some...
  • 6th-class Science Chapter 3

    Fibres are the materials which are available in the form of thin, continuous and flexible...
  • 6th-class Science Chapter 2

    We eat different types of vegetables, fruits, cereals and pulses. We all eat food to obtain...
  • 6th-class English Chapter 28

    Everyone believed that Vijay Singh, the famous wrestler, was just unbeatable. Boasting about...
  • 6th-class English Chapter 27

    This lesson may be a story of spiritual harmony depicted through reptiles who lived within the...


6th Class Chapter No 9 - Urban Livelihoods in Civics for CBSE NCERT

6 Civics. Urban Livelihood. Learning Goals: Occupations in Cities; Permanent Job; Casual Workers; Daily Wage Earners; Social Security Net. A city is a much bigger place than a village. The population of a village can only be in thousands, while the population of a city is in hundred thousand. Population of some big cities.

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  • 6th-class Civics Chapter 8

    Rural Livelihood. Learning Goals: Agriculture; Types of Farmers; Other Occupations; Fishing...
  • 6th-class Civics Chapter 7

    Urban Administration means a programme of the Govt to administer the UrbanBodies like the...
  • 6th-class Civics Chapter 6

    People in rural areas earn their living in various ways. About 60% of our country's population...
  • 6th-class Civics Chapter 5

    In this lesson, Evolution of Panchayati Raj Institutions is discussed and their importance and...
  • 6th-class Civics Chapter 4

    In this lesson, Key elements of a democratic government topic is covered with various points.
  • 6th-class Civics Chapter 3

    This lesson focuses on how a goverment works, the levels of the government and the function of...
  • 6th-class Civics Chapter 2

    Diversity and discrimination.
  • 6th-class Civics Chapter 1

    This lesson will make you undestand the Concept of Unity in Diversity better.

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