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3rd Class Chapter No 10 - Safety And First Aid in Science for CBSE NCERT

We all observe that when individuals fall ill or are injured,
they are taken to hospitals or doctors for treatment. But it
takes time to reach them, during which if some initial care
is taken, it helps treatment of such individuals and in many
cases saves their lives. We also observe that some of the
minor illnesses or injuries are cured by taking such initial
care. However, this care cannot be taken unless we are
aware and trained in first-aid. In the present lesson we shall
discuss various aspects of first aid and safety.
12.2 What Does First Aid Mean?
First aid is the provision of initial care for an illness or
injury. It is usually performed by a non-expert person to a
sick or injured person until appropriate medical treatment
can be accessed in a hospital or by going to a doctor. Certain
self-limiting illnesses or minor injuries may not require further
medical care after the first aid intervention. It generally consists
of a series of simple and in some cases, potentially life-saving
techniques that an individual can be trained to perform with
minimal equipment.
The First aid training, therefore, is of value in both preventing
and treating sudden illness or accidental injury and in caring
for large number of persons caught in a natural disaster. It is
a measure both for self help as well as for the help of others.
12.2.1 Self-help
If you, as a first-aider, are prepared to help others, you are
better able to care for yourself in case of injury or sudden
illness. Even if your own condition keeps you from caring for
yourself, you can direct others in carrying out correct
procedures to follow on your behalf.
12.2.2 Help for Others
Having studied first-aid, you are prepared to give others
some instruction in first-aid, to promote among them
a reasonable safety attitude and to assist them wisely
if they are stricken. There is always an obligation on a
humanitarian basis to assist the sick and the helpless.
There is no greater satisfaction than that resulting from
relieving suffering or saving a life.
    Safety on the road is more important now a days because of the rapid increase in number of vehicles, road sign and signals are meant for safety. Traffic signals control the flow of traffic, and ensure smooth movement of vehicles
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