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Other Chapters For 12th

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    Silas Marner,a weaver, is an eager and promising young member of a Puritan religious...
  • 12th-class English Chapter 17

    The writer visited Antarctica, the coldest, driest and windiest continent in the world, aboard...
  • 12th-class English Chapter 15

    The story, "The Third Level" by Jack Finney is about revisiting the pleasures of the past. It...
  • 12th-class English Chapter 6

    As a film writer who had a stellar career in Tamil films, Ashokmitran takes us on a journey to a...
  • 12th-class Computers Chapter 2

    Introduction to C++ C++ programming language developed by AT&T Bell Laboratories in...

12th Class Chapter No 2 - Accounting of Non profit Organisation in Accounts for CBSE NCERT

Nonprofit organizations operate in the same manner as for-profit businesses when it comes to finances. Both spend money to operate efficiently and have streams of income to keep the products, programs and services operational. The main difference is that nonprofit organizations reinvest the income into the programs and services they offer. Financial statements for nonprofit organizations must show all incoming and outgoing funding to demonstrate how the nonprofit operates.
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