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Other Chapters For 11th

  • 11th-class English Chapter 23

    Up from Slavery tells the life story of Booker T. Washington, from childhood through the height...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 22

    Horace B. Otis, a wealthy American, purchases Canterville Chase, an ancient English...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 19

    The writer had a friend named Agha Shahid who knew he wouldn’t live long, so he asked the writer...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 10

    The poem “The Laburnum Top” by Ted Hughes describes the mutual relation between a Laburnum Tree...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 9

    The poem, ‘A photograph’, contrasts the eternal state of nature and the transitory state of...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 8

    The author left Ravu in the company of Daniel and Tsetan. Before leaving the place, Lhamo gave...
  • 11th-class English Chapter 7

    The Jijamata Express train was running on Pune-Bombay route even faster than the Deccan Queen....
  • 11th-class English Chapter 4

    The story highlights the different sense of aesthetic and desires of artists in the western and...
  • 11th-class Computers Chapter 4

    Cyber safety is trying to be safe on the internet and is the knowledge of maximizing theuser's...
  • 11th-class Computers Chapter 3

    Data management is an administrative process that includes acquiring, validating, storing,...


11th Class Chapter No 6 - Thermodynamics in Chemistry for CBSE NCERT

Chemical energy stored by molecules can be released as heat
during chemical reactions when a fuel like methane, cooking
gas or coal burns in air. The chemical energy may also be
used to do mechanical work when a fuel burns in an engine
or to provide electrical energy through a galvanic cell like
dry cell. Thus, various forms of energy are interrelated and
under certain conditions, these may be transformed from
one form into another. The study of these energy
transformations forms the subject matter of thermodynamics.
The laws of thermodynamics deal with energy changes of
macroscopic systems involving a large number of molecules
rather than microscopic systems containing a few molecules.
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  • 11th-class Chemistry Chapter 14

    Components of Environment: Atmosphere: This comprises a blanket of gaseous layer around...

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