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  • 10th-class English Chapter 34

    The author feels that it is strange and unusual for her to write in a diary about her feelings...
  • 10th-class English Chapter 33

    Hellen keller was born on June 27, 1880 in the small town of Tuscumbia, Alabama. When she was a...
  • 10th-class English Chapter 32

    This drama is set in 25th century. A historian in the museum is telling the story about 20th...
  • 10th-class English Chapter 31

    Bholi is a story written by K.A. Abbas. The story revolves around a girl who due to accidental...
  • 10th-class English Chapter 30

    The narrator of the story explains that after completing his graduation he started working with...
  • 10th-class English Chapter 29

    The story revolves around a selfish lady named Matilda. She is unsatisfied with her life as she...
  • 10th-class English Chapter 28

    Richard Ebright has received the Searle Scholar Award and the Schering Plough Award for...
  • 10th-class English Chapter 27

    The story is about a scientist named Griffin. He had been discovering ways which could make a...
  • 10th-class English Chapter 26

    The story is about a 50 year old man who makes locks and lives with his housekeeper. He is a...
  • 10th-class English Chapter 25

    Ausable, a secret agent, is expecting a very important report. Another secret agent, Max,...

10th Class Chapter No 25 - Economics-Sectors of the Indian Economy in Economics for CBSE NCERT

Introduction to Indian Economy:- Low per capita income. Inequalities in income distribution. Predominance of agriculture. (More than 2/3rd of India's working population is engaged in agriculture. But in USA only 2% of the working population is engaged in agriculture.) Rapidly growing population with 1.2% annual change. Chronic unemployment (A person is considered employed if he / she works for 273 days of a year for eight hours every day.)Unemployment in India is mainly structural in nature. Low rate of capital formation due to less saving rate. Dualistic Nature of Economy (features of a modern economy, as well as traditional).Mixed Economy Follows Labour Intensive Techniques and activities.

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  • 10th-class Economics Chapter 28

    Consumers participate in the marketplace by using a particular product. Had there been no...
  • 10th-class Economics Chapter 27

    Globalisation is the rapid integration or interconnection between countries mostly on the...
  • 10th-class Economics Chapter 26

    Money is a means by which we can get something in exchange. Initially, coins came into use. The...
  • 10th-class Economics Chapter 24

    "Human development is the expansion of people's freedom to live long, healthy and creative...

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