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Word Building

Word building,an exciting game that develops vocabulary skills and a necessary educational product for every child to improve reasoning skills,sociability,language,knowledge and memory Made of 100% non toxic material.

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An exciting game that develops vocabulary
About the game:Word building is a 2 player game that develops a child's vocabulary and improve their spelling skills,the idea of the game is to make word or words in direction upward,downward,forward,backward or diagonally.A player earns 1  point for each letter in a word.Therefore,a player needs to make as many words as he can and even aim to make words within words.
Aim of the Game:To make maximum number of words by using the letters of the alphabet and score maximum points
Rules of the Game:
1.Place the grid vertically between two players.
2.Each player selects counters of one colour and paste the alphabet stickers on them.
3.The younger player can start the game.
4.Taking turns players drop one counter each into the grid and try to make words in any direction forward backward upward downward or diagonally.
5.Each player should try to make as many words as possible and also a m to make words within words
6.Each letter in a word earn 1 point
7. The game ends when the grid is full of counters aur when both players mutually agree that there is no scope of making any more words.
8.The player should aim to make words that are found in a standard English dictionary. Initials-abbreviations,prefixes and words with apostrophes and hyphens should be avoided.
What will you find inside?
1.A grid
2.36 red and yellow chips each
3.2 sticker sheets of alphabets for two players