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UKG Home Schooling Kit

UKG Home Schooling Kit with Micro Planner for Mother- Blended Learning of Course books, Worksheets, Writing Practice books (14 Hard Copy 1120 pages) with Integrated Multimedia for Lessons & Practical (Soft Copy) covering Knowledge, Skill & Attitude


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Product Code: 3h2 Producer: 3H Learning

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Problem of the Century’ has left Parents worrying if their ward’s entire learning year is going to be a washout.

‘On-line learning’ is found more suitable for higher class children. Pre-School Children are seen dozing of before the screen during scheduled classes. Working Mothers are not able to around when such ‘on-line’ classes are held. Availability of laptops / desktops during office hours for the children is a practical problem. What’s the solution? 

Blended Learning Methodology – Animated & Thematic Multimedia Lessons blended with Course material – Seamlessly used by Parents (at their hour of convenience) for Easy Teaching and Enjoyable Learning for the child!

3H Learning, a B2B Education & Learning Solutions provider, with 28 Yrs experience in the line of Pre-Primary Education, offers you a complete home-Schooling package. This time tested pack has delighted more than 4.5 lakh Mothers & fully satisfied 23,897 School Teachers in over 4217 Schools / Centers in the last 9 yrs and growing! Covid has brought this ‘B2B ONLY’ product to be used by Individual Parents!

Standalone Textbooks for ‘Reading’ are just not enough for early learning toddlers / beginners. Integrated approach through Seeing, Listening, Reading, Writing, Reviewing makes learning easy and enjoyable.

3H Learning is setting higher standards on how Kindergarten education should be introduced and taught to toddlers / beginners through integrating Textbooks for Reading, Multimedia Lessons for Seeing and Listening, Worksheets for Reviewing and Practice through fun@home for Writing and Application Multimedia for Review & Formative Assessment.

Product Pack includes…

  1. Amaze Textbooks – 3 Trimester books
  2. Amaze Activity Review Book
  3. Amaze Hindi Text book
  4. ACE Worksheets – English, Hindi, Mathematics, EVS & Coloring
  5. PractiZ fun@home – English, Hindi, Mathematics, EVS
  6. Offline Multimedia Lessons (Flexible Teaching Timing for Parents)
  7. Applications Multimedia for running Practicals
  8. Weekly Micro Planner for Mothers - Systemic Structured Teaching


Package Highlights:

5 Textbooks covers Knowledge (English, Mathematics, General Knowledge / Environmental Science, Hindi), Skills (Dialogue Booster for Spoken English, Colouring, Art & Craft, Activities) and Attitude (Good Values & Interesting Facts)

4 ACE Worksheet books covers English, Mathematics, Hindi, GK & Colouring

4 PractiZ fun@home books covers English, Mathematics, Hindi and GK

Multimedia Lessons: Thematic presentations with animated cartoon characters to teach concepts through day-to-day household contexts to enable the children to learn easily through ‘association’.

Parents shall use Term I Textbook simultaneously with Term I Multimedia Lessons. When the child is comfortable with the concepts, ACE Worksheets are to be used to find out the learning gaps, if any. Follow it up with appropriate lessons in Writing PractiZ books.

The best part is - Applications Multimedia helps the Parents to find out if the child has understood the lessons – week after week. It is a sort of Formative Assessment for the entire year!

Even if the ward goes to a regular School, this pack will be useful as an excellent supplementary content to enhance the understanding of Concepts taught. 

What’s more, the entire product costs less than a month’s tuition fees!

This product is specially designed for home usage – ie., Parents teaching their children. Strictly not to be used for commercial purposes or mass teaching. Institutional usage will be a cognizable offence. The pre-copied multimedia will run till the end of any Academic year. If one buys the product in June of a year, the multimedia will be running till end of April of the next year and not beyond!

Availability of a USB port in the desktop / laptop is a pre-requisite to run the multimedia.