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UKG Kids ACE All-in-One Worksheets 352 pages (KG 2) and Montessori (4-6 yrs) (English, Mathematics, General Knowledge / EVS, Tamil & Fun Colouring Combo) loose leaf workbook. Sustain the interest & curiosity through out the year! Every sheet covers 2 Sel


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Reasons why you should not miss these UKG (KG 2 and Montessori 4-6 yrs) 352 Pages Early Learning Worksheets for (kids)your child (age 3-5).
352 Page ACE Worksheets for kindergarten, worksheets for nursery, worksheets for UKG, Preschool books, Preschool activities, It connects activities with class-room curriculum. Surprise your child with one worksheet every day. Sustain the interest & curiosity through out the year! Every sheet covers 2 Self - Learning Objectives! The Child learns them automatically by DOING!

Gold mine of information with school curriculum based activities and exercises in all subjects of KG 2 and Montessori 4-6 yrs.

Fun based worksheets – your child can understand the basics and key concepts with absolute ease; enhances the creativity through various activities.

‘Essential Must-Learn’ building-blocks of KGs converted into 336 virtual steps.

The charm of seeing your child scaling one-step-after-the-other right before your eyes for the entire year is amazing.

Objectives that connects activities with curriculum that helps your child stay ahead of their peers in UKG!

With 1 Worksheet-a-day, spend 'Quality - Time' with your child the entire year.

100% colorful; Cost effective; Around 1.60 lac satisfied mothers across India in the last 7 yrs.

'Productively Engage' your child during long holidays or summer vocations!

Used in progressive Schools spread across 411 towns in S.India.