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UKG 336 Pages 4 Book

UKG 336 Pages 4 Book Copy Pattern Good Hand Writing Practice KG 2 Kindergarten Kids 4-6 Yrs Full Syllabus Hindi English Maths GK / EVS Pre Written Home Work Alphabets Words Sentences Numbers Varnamala


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Product Code: 3HL20 Producer: 3H Learning

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·         4 Books of 336 pages; Covers English, Mathematics, Hindi & GK/EVS

·         Enables Read, Write & Practice- Entire syllabus for UKG children (age 4-6)

·         Step-by-step guide - Enables 'Productive Engagement'

·         High Paper Quality - Enables you to erase & practice a few more times

·         Helps your Child with good writing practice & to identify the concepts correctly

·         With 1 sheet-a-day, Spend 'Quality - Time' with your child an entire year.

·         100% Colorful & Cost-effective



·         Learning & Reinforcement : Writing out by hand what is leant, is a great way to study & absorb new info.

·         Review: Revise & Practice the syllabus covered in the class

·         Time used wisely - Ready the child for the next day's class

·         Positivity: The child develops positive study skills & habits - Lifetime benefit

·         First Step: Child takes the first steps in working independently

·         Brainpower Workout: Integrates visual, motor & cognitive processes

·         Develops 'Writing', the 4th pillar of Learning; improves the child's thinking & memory

·         Polishes: Activates visual perception of letters & contributes to reading fluency.

·         Builds Reading Confidence: The first words children read are often the ones they write

·         Head Start: Children gain in handwriting, spelling & punctuation

·         Parents: Reviewing the writing practice helps Parents learn what their Child is learning at School

·         Spark: The child's enthusiasm for learning goes up

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