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LKG - Soft Copy Worksheets(PDF)

LKG worksheets include topics like Alphabets, Colors, Around Us, Words, Fruits & Vegetables, Days & Months, Sense Organs & the Human Body, Seasons, Plants & Food, Animal Life, Numbers, Shapes.


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Key features of the worksheet:
1.A4 sized, bright, colorful pages to intrigue and engage your child.
2.Total of 200 pages.
3.It is based on CBSE / ICSE curriculum

Topics Covered in LKG Alphabets:
1.Match capital letters with small letters
2.Circle the same letter
3.Circle the correct alphabet (small letters)
4.Circle the correct alphabet (capital letters)
5.Circle the alphabet
6.Match the letters
7.Circle the next alphabet
8.Circle the next alphabet
9.Confusing letters
10.Circle the correct alphabet
11.Circle the first letter and cross last letter of the alphabet
12.Colour the small letters in red and capital letters in blue
13.missing letters
14.cross the wrong alphabet
15.Fill the next alphabet
16.Fill the next alphabet
17.Write the alphabet A-Z and a-z
18.Match the beginning letter with the image
20.Colour the vowels in blue and other alphabet in red
21.Count the vowels in the words and write in the box
22.Missing letters

Topics Covered in LKG Around Us:
1.Find out my occupation using images
2.Match the tools with worker
3.Tick the correct gender using the picture
4.Match the picture correctly to learn opposite gender
5.Write (L) for the things you find in living room, (b) for things you find in bed room &
6.(k) for things you find in kitchen
7.Tick the correct parts of computer
8.Match the same instruments
9.Circle the odd one out
10.Match the smaller one with bigger ones
11.Circle the outdoor game and cross the indoor game
12.Circle the object that runs
13.Pen down the correct number against the picture
14.Colour the traffic lights
15.Match the vehicles
16.Tick the ones which need electricity
17.Write ‘F ‘the objects that float in water and ‘S’ for the items that sink in water
18.dentify full and empty
19.Tick the image which has more weight and cross the image which has less weight
20.Tick the image which IS THICKER and cross the image which is THINNER
21.Write (L) for land transport, (A) for air transport (W) for water transport
22.See me in your play area?
23.Do I grow?
24.Do’s and don’ts
25.Tick the good habits and cross the bad habits
26.Tick the heavier objects and cross the lighter objects
27.Heavier and lighter objects
28.Circle the objects
29.Tick the straight line and cross the cured line
30.Circle the odd one out
31.What comes next?
32.Circle the odd one out (types of transport)
33.Circle the odd one out
34.Circle the odd one out
35.Circle the odd one out
36.Circle the odd one out
37.Circle the odd one out
38.Circle the odd one out
39.Circle the odd one out (indoor and outdoor games)
40.Complete the patterns

Topics Covered in LKG Words:
1.Learning words
2.Circle the rhyming words
3.Compound words
4.Match the pictures to learn opposites
5.Write the words in alphabetical order
6.Make new words using the circle
7.Circle the same word
8.Singular- plural(Match the following)
9.Fill in the missing letters
10.Word dynamo
11.Complete the sequence
12.Two letters words

Topics Covered in LKG Fruits & Vegetables:
1.Vegetables shadow matching
2.fruits shadow matching
3.Match the same fruits
4.Match the fruits with their names
5.Match the fruits with the colours
6.colour the fruits
7.Put the fruits in alphabetical order
8.Vegetables(Match the vegetables )
9.Tick the vegetable and cross the fruit
10.Put the vegetables in alphabetical order
11.Match the following
12.Circle the same fruit
13.Circle the same vegetable
14.Circle only fruits
15.Circle only vegetables
16.Colour the vegetables
17.Colour the fruit
18.Match the following
Topics Covered in LKG Days & Months:
1.Colour the days of the week
2.Write the days of the week in order
3.Colour the months of year
4.Connect the months of the year
5.Pen down the correct number against months
6.Cut and paste the months of the year in order
7.Which month comes next?
Topics Covered in LKG Sense Organs & the Human Body:
1.Tick the parts of human body and cross the others
2.Tick the sense organs and write their names
3.Pen down the correct number to make a human being
4.Match the sense organs with their names
5.Colour the sense organs in red and others in green
6.what is my taste?

Topics Covered in LKG Seasons:
1.Arrange the four seasons in the order and number the picture
2.Circle the clothes you wear in summer
3.Circle the fruits we eat in summer
4.Cross the things we use in winter and tick the things we use in summer
5.Circle the things you do during seasons

Topics Covered in LKG Plants & Food:
1.Write ‘p’ for pulses, ’g’ grains
2.Colour the plant
3.Tick the correct part of the plant
4.Tick the uses of water
5.Cross the junk food and circle the healthy food
6.Match it correctly
7.Match the following
8.Pen down the steps in order how a plant grows
9.Circle the correct answer

Topics Covered in LKG Animal Life:
2.Tick the domestic animals and cross the wild animals:
3.Circle and join the animals which can fly
4.Circle the animals which live in water
5.Who am I ? (Animals)
6.Circle the correct answer
7.Colour the flying animals in red, walking animals in green, swimming animals in blue
8.Colour the domestic animal in green and wild animal in red
9.Tick the insect and cross the others
10.Colour the farm animals in green , other animals in red
11.Match the animals with their babies
12.Animals and habitats
13.Animals and habitats
14.Match the animals with their food
15.Match the following
16.How do I go from one place to another?
17.Write “L” for living things and “N” for non-living things
18.How many legs do I have?
19.Pen down the names using clues

Topics Covered in LKG Numbers:
1.Join the next number the correct number
3.Colour the same number
4.Match the same number
5.Circle the next number
6.Count and write how many trees
7.Count and write the number of animals
8.Count and match
9.Count and match
10.Count and write
11.Count and circle the correct number
12.Count the number of fruits
13.Count the number of vegetables
14.Count and colour
15.Count only fruits and colour the number
16.count only vegetables and colour the number
17.Write the next number
18.Fill in the missing numbers
19.Colour the numbers in red and alphabet in green
20.Cross the wrong number
21.Write numbers from 1- 50
22.After number
23.Write the numbers in reverse order
24.Before number
25.Before, after numbers
26.Between numbers
27.Before, after numbers (1-20)
28.Between number (1 – 20)
29.Colour the greatest number in red
30.Colour the smallest number in blue
31.Circle the biggest number
32.Circle the smallest number
33.Count and find the smaller number and write
34.Count and find the larger number and write
35.Greater than or less than
36.Put < > =
37.put < > = ( using number 1 - 20)
38.put < > = ( using number names 1- 10)
39.Before, after numbers (1-50)
40.Circle the next number (1-50)
41.Circle the next number (1-50)
42.Colour the between number (1-50)
43.Count and write the values
44.Draw the beads for the following place values
45.Number names
46.Count and match the number names
47.Match the number names with number
48.Match the number with their names
49.Count and write the place value

Topics Covered in LKG Shapes:
1.Match the shapes
2.Match the shapes with the words
3.Matching shapes
4.Counting shapes
5.Colour the squares in red, rectangles in blue, circles in green, triangle in orange

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