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Fixi Bricks Aqua Tube 1 (2-3D Sea creatures)

Title - Play Panda Fixi Bricks Aqua Tube 1 - Dolphin and Clown Fish - with 120 pcs, Detailed Assembly Instructions and Storage Tube


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Contents -
1. 110 Fixi Bricks
2. Instruction manual 
3. Storage Tube 
Fixi bricks is a perfect toy for creative exploration. It is a toy with a simple design and endless possibilities. Every brick easily connects to the next. Kids can create their own 2D or 3D creations. Fixi bricks is an excellent imagination building and learning tool. It cultivates problem solving skills in children. It improves their geometric and spatial understanding. As the kids fix pieces in multiple ways, it leads to fine motor development and hand-eye coordination. Fixi bricks is a great S.T.E.M. toy designed to help kids understand basic principles of geometry, symmetry,math and engineering. Its a great way to keep kids engaged and away from mobile phones. Fixi bricks is suitable for both boys and girls. It promises hours of fun for all kids, 7 years and up. Children can play in groups as well. Parents and adults will also find fixi bricks very stimulating for the brain. They can engage themselves with children and build some amazing models together. Each set includes 120 Fixi bricks (approx), step by step assembly instructions and a storage tube.