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Disney-Jodi Joy -Zootopia Card Game

Age group: 3+ Features: Designed for small children The excitement of Disney Zootopia movie in a card game Stunning images of movie characters, under license from Disney Two different ways to enjoy the game! Awards: - Packaging: Stylish tin-box p


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Isn’t it lot of fun if you have your favorite characters from the Disney movie Zootopia -  Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps, Higgins, Flash, Mayor and Chief Bogo - to play with? Jodi Joy has them all!

Simple card matching games for small children and adults to play together. Make a sequence with your favorite characters and challenge the other player to do it after you. Its simple, but you will make your brain work harder to remember the sequences. Great for small, growing  children!

You can also play this game with a dice that has these same characters from Nemo. You need to roll the dice,  pick cards that the dice shows and make pairs quickly. Can you be the first to make matching pairs of cards? A different way to enjoy the same.

Keep playing, Chief Bogo and friends will never  bore you! A good, enjoyable game to wake up in the morning to or to go to bed with at night. Train your mind to become super smart detectives like Judy & Nick !