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Disney-Doond-Finding Dory Board Game

Age group: 3+ Features: Designed for small children Simple, intuitive gameplay No cards used, no scores to keep. Just play on! 2-player game, but gets everyone around Ideal for parents to play with children Stunning images of the movie characters,


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Product Code: 8906076579001

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Nemo, Marlin, the Tank Gang, and  Dory, the blue tang fish. You saw all of them in Disney movie Finding Dory. Now, they are coming to you in a board game, not less exciting than the movie itself !

Dive into the blue seas with your submarine and go on the trail of Dory. She is hiding somewhere in the waters. Her friends will finally guide you to her and then, you WIN !

A unique game inspired by the movie. A game that trains you  to observe well, remember images and match them. Before you know, your IQ will shoot up !