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Class 6 - Soft Copy Worksheets(PDF) - English, Maths, Science & Social

CBSE English, Maths, Science & Social worksheet material for class 6 students in form of revision notes, solved papers, NCERT solution, test papers,practice papers, important questions,Revision Notes etc


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Key features of the worksheet:
1. A4 sized, bright, colorful pages to intrigue and engage your child.
2.It is based on CBSE / ICSE curriculum
Topics Covered in Science
1.Food-Where does it Come From (3)
2.Components of Food(3)
3.Fibre to Fabric(3)
4.Sorting Materials into Groups(3)
5.Separation of Substances(3)
6.Changes around Us(3)
7.Getting To Know Plants(3)
8.Body Movements(3)
9.The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings(3)
10.Motion and Measurement of Distances(3)
11.Light Shadows and Reflections(3)
12.Electricity and Circuits(3)
13.Fun with Magnets(3)
15.Air around Us(3)
16.Garbage in Garbage out(3)
Topics Covered in English
1.Who Did Patricks Homework
2.How the Dog Found Himself a Master
3.Taros Reward
4.An Indian American Women in Space
5.Different Kind of School
6.Who I Am
7.Fairy Play
8.A Game of chance
9.Desert Animals
10.The Banyan tree
11.A House a home
12.A Kite
13.The Quarrel
15.Where do all the Teachers Go
16.The Wonderful World
18.What If
19.A tale of two birds
20.The friendly mongoose
21.The Shepherds Treasure
22.The Old Clock Shop
24.The Monkey and The Crocodile
25.The Wonder Called Sleep
26.Pact with The Sun
27.What Happened to the Reptiles
28.Strange Wrestling Match
Topics Covered in Social
1.What Where How and When (2)
2.On the Trail of the Earliest People(2)
3.From Gathering to Growing Food(2)
4.In the Earliest Cities(2)
5.What Books and Burials Tell Us(2)
6.Kingdoms Kings and an Early Republic(2)
7.New Questions and Ideas(2)
8.Ashoka the Emperor Who Gave Up War(2)
9.Vital Villages Thriving Towns(2)
10.Traders Kings and Pilgrims(2)
11.New Empires and Kingdoms(2)
12.Buildings Paintings and Books(2)
13.The Earth in the Solar System(2)
14.Globe Latitudes and Longitudes(2)
15.Motions of the Earth(2)
17.Major Domains of the Earth(2)
18.Major Landforms of the Earth(2)
19.Our Country India(2)
20.India Climate Vegetation and Wildlife(2)
22.Democracy and Government(4)
23.Local Government and Administration(6)
24.Rural and Urban Livelihoods(6)
Topics Covered in Maths
1.Knowing our Numbers(9)
2.Whole Numbers(4)
3.Playing with Numbers(9)
4.Basic Geometrical Ideas(8)
5.Understanding Elementary Shapes(7)
9.Data handling(5)
12.Ratio and Proportion(4)
14.Practical Geometry(7)
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