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Class 5 - Soft Copy Worksheets(PDF) - English, Maths & Science

Math(100 Pages), Grammar(100 Pages) & Science(30 Pages) Worksheets.

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Key features of the worksheet:
1. A4 sized, bright, colorful pages to intrigue and engage your child.
2.Total of 230 Pages
3.It is based on CBSE / ICSE curriculum
Topics Covered in Science
Water cycle
1. Explain the process of photosynthesis using the key words given
2. Define the following
3. Tabulate mammals, reptiles, amphibians
4. Write any 10 characteristics of living  things and non-living things
5. States of matter
6. crossword (water animals)
8.Water cycle
9.Explain the process of photosynthesis using the key words given
10.Define the following
11.Tabulate mammals, reptiles, amphibians
12.Write any 10 characteristics of living  things and non-living things
13.States of matter
14.crossword (water animals)
16.Mark it correctly
17.Choose the correct answer (Quiz on plants)
18.Classify the following (trees, herbs, climbers, creeper, 
19.write the correct medicinal value of given plants
20.Match the inventions and the scientists
21.Match it correctly
22.Match the correct traffic signals
23.Match the correct sign board
24.Write the planets
25.Solar system
26.Conductors and insulators
27.Cut and paste the life cycle of the frog
28.Cut and paste the life cycle of the butterfly
29.Write the name of seven  continents, five oceans
30.Continents and oceans
31.Solve the crossword
32.Neighbouring countries crossword
33.solve the crossword
34.Match it correctly
35.Seven wonders of the world
36.Community helpers
Topics Covered in Grammar
1. Correct the mistakes in the given sentence
2. Correct the mistakes in the given sentence
3. Pen down the opposites of the words given in the brackets
4. Rewrite the sentences in the plural form
5. Plural form
6. Articles
7. Circle the correct article
8. Insert  a, an, the wherever necessary
9. Choose the correct proposition
10.Match the correction preposition
11.Choose the correct prepositions and write
12.Underline the nouns in the flowing paragraph
13.Write in the correct column(Proper nouns, common nouns and collective nouns)
14.write in the correct column(abstract noun , countable & uncountable)
15.Collective nouns
16.Circle the verbs in the given paragraph
17.Pen down the suitable verbs
18.Find the opposite adjective for the given words
19.Using dictionary find a similar meaning for the given adjective and write
20.Underline the adjectives in the following paragraph
21.match the adjectives with adverbs
22.Match the adjective with the nouns
23.Have- has- had
24.Is- are, was-were
25.What, when, where, how
26.Fill the adverbs using clues
27.Classify the adverbs
28.What type of adverb is used?
29.Changing adjective to adverb and fill in the blanks
30.Underline the adverbs in the paragraph
31.Fill in the blanks with " little " or " few"
32.Fill in the blanks with "a little " or " a few"
33.Fill in the blanks with "much"  "many" a lot of"
34.Fill in the blanks with "much"  "many" a lot of"
35.When, where, what and who
36.Fill in the blanks with simple present tense
37.Circle the simple present tense from the grid
38.Underline the simple present tense
39.Underline the simple past tense
40.Fill in the blanks using the clues (simple past)
41.Underline the simple past tense
42.Choose the correct tense
43.Change into suitable past tense and fill in the blanks
44.Simple past tense
45.Simple future tense
46.Simple future tense
47.Circle the present continues tense
48.Choose the correct future continues tense
49.Circle the future continues tense
50.Compound words
51.Compound words
52.Form a sentence using the given compound words
53. Fill in the blanks with 'and, but, or , so'
55.Circle the conjunctions in the following sentence
56.Some- any
57.choose the correct pronoun
58.Choose the reflexive pronoun
59.Choose the objective pronoun
60.Demonstrative Pronouns
61.Noun, verb, adjective
62.Complete the following with homonyms
63.Use the correct homophone and write
64.Use the correct homophone
65.Degrees of comparison
66.Degree of comparison
67.Change the given words to a comparative and superlative degree
68.Write comparative degree for the following
69.Using the clue and convert to a superlative degree
70.Question tag
71.Match the correct question tag
72.Punctuate the following
74.match the prefix and form a new word
75.Match the suffix  and form a new word
77. Will-would
78.Shall –should
79. Would-should
82.Acrostic poems
83.Telephonic conversation
84.Prose comprehension
85.The wise judge
86.Lion and the mouse
87.Prose comprehension
88.Autumn season
89.Trees! Trees! Trees
90.Reduce, reuse, recycle
91.Poem comprehension
92.Hints development
93.Hints development
94.Hints development
95.Hints development
96.Hints development
97.Creative writing
98.Creative writing
99.Creative writing
100.Creative writing
Topics Covered in Maths
1.Write the correct fraction of the following
2.Shade according to the given fraction
3.Which is greater?
4.Comparing fractions
5.Comparing fractions
6.Addition of fractions
7.Addition of fractions
8.Addition of fractions
9.Addition of fractions
10.Addition of fractions
11.subtraction of fractions
12.subtraction of fractions
13.subtraction of fractions
14.subtraction of fractions
15.Multiplying fractions
16.Multiplying fractions
17.Express in smaller terms
18.Multiplying fractions
19.Multiplying fractions
20.Multiplying fractions
21.Multiplying fractions
22.Find the missing numerator or denominator
23.Multiply the fractions and simplify if possible
24.Solve to create equivalent fractions
25.Create the equivalent fractions
26.Dividing fractions
27.Solve the following
28.divide the following  fractions 
29.divide the following fractions
30.divide the following fractions
34.Finding the highest common factor
35.Finding the highest common factor
36.Match the roman numerals with numbers
37.Write the roman numerals for the following
38.Write the numerals for the given roman number
39.Add the roman numerals
40.Add the following
43.Subtraction (borrow)
47.Rounding off to nearest 10, 100 , 1000
48.Successor and predecessor
49.Converting fractions to decimals
50.Converting fractions to decimals
51.Decimal addition
52.Decimal addition
53.Decimal subtraction
54.Decimal subtraction
55.Decimal multiplication
56.Decimal multiplication
57.Decimal division
58.Expressing fractions as percentage
59.Expressing fractions as percentage
60.Expressing fractions as percentage
61.Expressing fractions as percentage
62.Expressing fractions as percentage
63.Expressing decimal as percentage
64.Expressing decimal as percentage
65.Expressing percentage as decimal
66.Expressing percentage as decimal
67.Expressing percentage as decimal
68.Find the percentage of given number
69.Find the percentage of given number
70.Find the percentage of given number
71.Profit or loss
72.Finding profit or loss
73.Finding profit or loss
74.Speed , distance and time
75.Speed , distance and time
76.Speed , distance and time
77.Speed , distance and time
78.Speed , distance and time
79.Area of triangle
80 Area of triangle
81.Area of triangle
82.Find the volume of the following
83.Find the volume of the following
86.Find  the average of the following
87.Find  the average of the following
88.Find  the average of the following
89.Railway timings
91.Find the simple interest for the following
92.simple interest
93.simple interest
94.simple interest
95.simple interest
96.Celsius to Fahrenheit
97.Fahrenheit to Celsius
98.Number patterns
99.Find the ratio of the following
100.Ratios and proportion
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