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Class 3 - Soft Copy Worksheets(PDF) - English, Maths & Science

Math(100 Pages), Grammar(100 Pages) & Science(40 Pages) Worksheets.


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Key features of the worksheet:
1. A4 sized, bright, colorful pages to intrigue and engage your child.
2.Total of 230 Pages
3.It is based on CBSE / ICSE curriculum
Topics Covered in Science
1.Write any 10 living things and non-living things
2.Tabulate natural and man-made things
4.Water cycle
5.Life cycle of a butterfly and pen down the correct order
6.Life cycle of a frog and pen down the correct order
7.Find and circle the planets from the grid
8.Write the planets
9.Land forms
10.Name the followings using clue box
11.Pen down the correct answer
13.Classify the following (trees, herbs, climbers, creeper, shrubs)
14.Mark the correct answer
15.Classify root vegetables and other vegetables
16.Days of the week
17.Months of the year
18.Who am I? (Fruits) 
19.Write the few uses of water in daily life
20.Water animals
21.Animals that live on both land and water
22.Write the taste of given images and write few examples for the same
24.Write 'n' for noise pollution, 'a' for air pollution, 'w' for water pollution
25.Write down any 3ways to control  pollution
26.Pen down the parts of the body chain
28.Tabulate herbivores, carnivores and omnivores animals
29.Tabulate mammals, reptiles, amphibians
30.Tabulate the land transport, water transport and air transport
31.Different  states of matter(solid ,liquid, gas)
32.States of matter
33.Float and sink
34.See the picture and name the outdoor games
35.See the picture and name the indoor games
36.Indoor games and outdoor games
37.Cereals, pulses
38.Rainbow colours
39.Write down a few neighbouring places around our house
40.Name the types of house
41.Conductors and insulators
42.Community helpers
43.Community helpers
44.Seven Wonders of the World
45.Write the name of seven  continents, five oceans and four directions
46.colour and mark the seven continents
47.Write down the seven neighbouring countries of India
49.See the picture and match the Indian monuments
Topics Covered in Grammar
1.Colour the vowels in blue and consonants in red
2·Spot the vowels and pen down the letter
3·vowel Vowel combination
4·Circle the letters needs to be capitalized
5·Underline the proper noun
6·Circle the common nouns
7.Circle the noun
8·Circle the abstract noun
9.Circle the correct one( collective nouns)
10·Colour the countable nous in red and uncountable nouns in blue
11·read each noun. Colour the names proper noun in  blue, Colour common nounthe places in red, Colour the things abstract noun  in yellow
12·Colour the nouns in red and others in blue
13colour the proper noun in green and
14·common noun in red
15·Circle the action words
16.Find out the action verb and write
17·Pen down the suitable verbs
18.Circle the helping verbs
19·circle the linking verb
20·Choose the correct linking verb
21·Colour the action verb in blue and linking verb in green
22·Using helping verbs complete the following sentence
23·Put smiley against verb & star against noun
24·pen down the correct articles
25·Pen down a, an, the in the appropriate place
26·Insert a, an , the wherever necessary and rewrite the paragraph
27·pen down the correct prepositions
28·underline Underline the prepositions
29·Match the correct prepositions
30·Use the prepositions from the word bank to complete the sentences
31·Write the prepositions
32·Write the prepositions
33·Match the pictures with current adverb:
34·Circle the adverb
35·Circle the adverbs
36·Fill the adverbs using clues
37·Classify the adverbs
38·What type of adverb is used?
39·Circle the describing words
40·Circle the adverb and cross the adjective
41·Underline the adjectives in the following paragraph
42·Fill in the blanks with 'have' or 'has'
43·When ,where and what
44·How many and how much
45·fill in the blanks with some or any
46·colour the conjunctions in red and others in blue
47·Fill in the blanks with 'and , but, or ,so'
48·Circle the conjunctions in the following sentence
49·pen down the pronoun form the following    
50·choose the correct pronoun
51·Choose the correct pronoun
52·Punctuate the following
53·Punctuate the following
54·Compound words
55·Identify & colour the compound words
56·Match the following and write down the
57·Form a sentence using the given compound words
58·Write the homophones for the following words
59·Choose the correct homophone
60·Choose the correct answer
61·Choose the correct answer
62·Write the rhyming words
63·Rhyming words crossword
65.Complete the following with      
67·prefix and suffixuse the prefix and write a new word
68·Match the prefix and form a new word
69·prefix and suffix
70·Match the suffix  and form a new word
71·Simple present tense
72·fill in the blanks using the clue box(simple present)
73·Crossword (writes the past tense of the given words)
74·Fill in the blanks using the clues (simple past)
75·Change the given sentence to past continuous
76·Fill in the blanks using the clue box(simple future)
77·Plural form
78·Rewrite the sentences in plural form
79·Correct the mistakes in the given sentences
80·Correct the mistakes in the given sentences
81·Prose comprehension
82·Prose comprehension
83·Prose comprehension
84·Prose comprehension
85·poem comprehension
86·poem comprehension
87·poem comprehension
88·poem comprehension
89·hints development
90·hints development
91.hints development
92·hints development
93·creative writing
94·creative writing
95·creative writing
96.Creative writing
97.Acrostic poems
Topics Covered in Maths
1.indian number system
2.International number system
3.Write in increasing order
4.Ascending order
5.Write in decreasing order
6.Descending order
7.Successor and predecessor
8.Addition (with carry)
9.Missing number addition
10.Missing number addition
11.Addition word problem
15.Word problems
17.Word problems
19.Word problems
20.Word problems(add, sub, mul and division)
21.Word problems (add,sub,mul and division)
22.Addition of fractions
23.Addition of fractions
24.Addition of fractions
25.Addition of fractions
26.subtraction of fractions
27.Subtraction of fractions
28.subtraction of fractions
29.subtraction of fractions
30.Ascending order
31.Ascending order
32.Descending order
33.Descending order
34.Finding the highest common factor
35.Finding the highest common factor
36.Match the roman numerals with numbers
37.Write the roman numerals for the following
38.Add and match the roman numerals
39.Add the roman numerals
40.Rounding off to nearest 10
41.Area of triangle
42.Area of triangle (perimeter)
43.Area of rectangle
44.Area of rectangle
45.Area of parallelogram
46.Word problems
47.Multiplying fractions
48.Solve the following
49.Which is greater?
50.Comparing fractions
51.Multiplying fractions
52.Express in smaller terms
53.Solve to create equivalent fractions
54.Solve to create 6 equivalent fractions
55.Prime number
56.Write prime numbers from 1-100
57.Add and sub find prime number or not
58.Word problems (check whether the answer is prime number or not
62.Finding the highest common factor
63.Finding the highest common factor
64.Write the prime factors for the following
65.Write the prime factorization for the following
68.Convert the following measurements
69.Word problems
70.Word problems
71.Word problems
72.Days & months
73.Convert hours to minutes
74.Convert minutes to hours
75.Time conversion
76.Add the given time
77.Subtract the given time
78.Word problems on time
79.Word problems
80.Money conversion
81.Find the sum of given money
82.Money word problems
83.Find the difference for  given money
84.Money word problems
85.Find the average of the following
86.Find the average of the following
87.Find the average of the following
88.Decimal addition
89.Decimal addition
90.Decimal subtraction
91.Decimal subtraction
92.Decimal multiplication
93.Decimal multiplication
94.Decimal division
95.Railway timings
96.Railway timings
97.Number patterns
98.Skip counting (backward counting)
99.Patterns using numbers (2 , 3 ,5 ) counting
100.Number series pattern(backwards)
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