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Class 10 - Soft Copy Worksheets(PDF) - English, Maths, Science

Std 10 CBSE Science ,Social,Maths& English Worksheets. - Print topics as and when you need - Innovative worksheets to help your child


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Key features of the worksheet:
1. A4 sized, bright, colorful pages to intrigue and engage your child.
2.It is based on CBSE / ICSE curriculum
Topic Covered in Maths
1.Real Numbers (15)
2.Polynomials (14)
3. Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables (19)
4.Quadratic Equations (17)
5.Arithmetic Progressions (15)
6.Triangles (17)
7.Coordinate Geometry (15)
8.Introduction to Trigonometry (14)
9.Some Applications of Trigonometry (8)
10.Circles (13)
11.Constructions (12)
"12.Area Related to Circles (13)
"13.Surface Areas and Volumes (16)
14.Statistics (14)
15.Probability (14)
Topics Covered in Science
1.Chemical Reactions and Equations (12)
2.Acids Bases and Salts (12)
3.Metals and Non-metals (12)
4.Carbon and its Compounds (11)
5.Periodic Classification of Elements (11)
6.Life Processes (13)
7.Control and Coordination (12)
8.How do Organisms Reproduce (12)
9.Heredity and Evolution (12)
10.Light Reflection and Refraction (13)
11.Human Eye and Colourful World (12)
12.Electricity (12)
13.Magnetic Effects of Electric Current (11)
14.Sources of Energy (12)
15.Our Environment (11)
16.Management of Natural Resources (11)
Topics Covered in Social
1.The Rise of Nationalism in Europe (7)
2.The Nationalist Movement in Indo China (7)
3.Nationalism in India (7)
4.The Making of a Global World (7)
5.The Age of Industrialisation (7)
6.Work Life and Leisure (7)
7.Print Culture and the Modern World (7)
8.Novels Society and History (7)
9.Resources and Development (7)
10.Forest and Wildlife Resources (7)
11.Water Resources (7)
12.Agriculture (7)
13.Minerals and Energy Resources (7)
14.Manufacturing Industries (7)
15.Life Lines of National Economy (7)
16.Power sharing (7)
17.Federalism (7)
18.Democracy and Diversity (7)
19.Gender Religion and Caste (7)
20.Popular Struggles and Movements (7)
21.Political Parties (7)
22.Outcomes of Democracy (7)
23.Challenges to Democracy (6)
24.Development (7)
25.Sectors of the Indian Economy (7)
26.Money and Credit (7)
27.Globalisation (7)
28.Consumer Rights (7)
Topics Covered in English
1.First Flight ch01 A Letter to God (4)
2.First Flight ch02 Long Walk to Freedom  (4)
3.First Flight ch03 Two Stories about Flying  (4)
4.First Flight ch04 From the Diary of Anne Frank  (4)
5.First Flight ch05 The Hundred Dresses I  (4)
6.First Flight ch06 The Hundred Dresses II  (3)
7.First Flight ch07 Glimpses of India  (4)
8.First Flight ch08 Mijbil the Otter  (5)
9.First Flight ch09 Madam Rides the Bus  (5)
10.First Flight ch10 The Sermon at Benares  (4)
11.First Flight ch11 The Proposal  (5)
12.First Flight Poem ch01 Dust of snow  (3)
13.First Flight Poem ch02 Fire and Ice  (3)
14.First Flight Poem ch03 A Tiger in the Zoo  (3)
15.First Flight Poem ch04 How to Tell Wild Animals  (3)
16.First Flight Poem ch05 The Ball Poem  (3)
17.First Flight Poem ch06 Amanda  (4)
18.First Flight Poem ch07 Animals  (4)
19. First Flight Poem ch08 The Trees  (4)
20. First Flight Poem ch09 Fog  (4)
20. First Flight Poem ch09 Fog  (4)
21. First Flight Poem ch10 The Tale of Custard the Dragon  (4)
23. Footprints ch01 A Triumph of Surgery  (3)
24. Footprints ch02 The Thiefs Story  (3)
25. Footprints ch03 The Midnight Visitor (3)
26. Footprints ch04 A Question of Trust (3)
27. Footprints ch05 Footprints without Feet (3)
28. Footprints ch06 The Making of a Scientist  (4)
29. Footprints ch07 The Necklace  (4)
30. Footprints ch08 The Hack Driver  (4)
31. Footprints ch09 Bholi  (4)
32. Footprints ch10 The Book That Saved the Earth  (4)
33. Novel The Story of My Life (Deleted) (1)
34. Novel Diary of a Young Girl (Deleted) (1)
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