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Class 9 - Soft Copy Worksheets(PDF) - Maths & Science

Std 9th CBSE Maths Worksheets. - Print topics as and when you need - Innovative worksheets to help your child

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Key features of the worksheet:
1. A4 sized, bright, colorful pages to intrigue and engage your child.
2.It is based on CBSE / ICSE curriculum
Topic Covered in Maths
1.Number Systems (17)
2.Polynomials  (16)
3.Coordinate Geometry  (15)
4.Linear Equations in Two Variables  (13)
5.Introduction to Euclids Geometry  (10)
6.Lines and Angles  (13)
7.Triangles (15)
8.Quadrilaterals (10)
9.Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles (14)
10.Circles (16)
11.Constructions (11)
12.Herons Formula (13)
13.Surface Areas and Volumes( 20)
14.Statistics  (15)
15.Probability (7)
Topics Covered in Science
1.Matter in Our Surroundings  (9)
2.Is Matter around Us Pure(9)
3.Atoms and Molecules (10)
4.Structure of the Atoms(10)
5.The Fundamental Unit of Life(9)
7.Diversity in Living Organisms(9)
9.Forces and Laws of Motion(10)
11.Work and Energy(9)
13.Why Do We Fall ill(9)
14.Natural Resources(10)
15.Improvement in Food Resources(9)
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