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  • peasanta
    peasanta wrote a review for Little Wits , Liluah
    I highly recommend this preschool to any parent who wants a well-balanced environment for their child. The teachers are very loving and do a wonderful job taking care of and teaching the kids. Happ...
    on June 03 2023 at 01:28 PM
  • Jasprit Singh
    I will always be thankful to the teachers, who helped my child to speak. He couldn’t even utter a single word before he was admitted to school, but gradually after 2-3 months he started speaking an...
    on June 03 2023 at 12:59 PM
  • Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah
    They have great programs to keep their kids active and engaged in learning as well as various co-curricular activities.
    on June 03 2023 at 12:41 PM

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Education in Mumbai

Mumbai has the highest literacy rate in Maharashtra and the best educational institutions in the ...

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  • IES Ashlane Kindergarten in Dadar(West), Mumbai

    The Indian Education Society was founded in 1912 by a tiny band of young and dedicated College teachers who gave the best years of their lives to the society and its Colleges.
    |Mumbai|SchoolAdmissions|PKG|LKG|UKG|1st|2nd|3rd|4th|5th|6th|7th|8th|9th|10th|CBSE|Abrawadi,Adarsha Co-Op Housing Society,Agar Bazar,Agar Bazar Road,Akshikar Street,Ambikawadi,Anant Patil Road,Anantwadi,Apte Wadi,Arjun Khot Wadi,Ashok Wadi,Atmaram Kawilwadi,Baburao Parulekar Marg,Bai Padmabai Thakkar Road,Bai Padmabai Wadi,Bal Govind Road,Bale Wadi,Bhandarwada Road,Bhandarwadi,Bhatachi Wadi,Bhatwadikar Wadi,Bhavani Gokhale Road,Bhavani N S Bureau,Bhavani Ranade Road,Bhavani Road,Bhavani Sawarkar Marg,Bhavani Shankar,Bhavani Shankar Road,Bhavani Shankar Roadnorth,Bhavani Shivaji Park,Bhha Baiwadi,Bhikoba Waman Pathare M,Bhujpujria Plot,Bolewadi,Borkar Wadi,Britto Beni Wadi,Buddha Chritianwadi,Bude Wadi,C W,Central Co Op Hsg Society,Chandhari Wadi,Chandrakant Dhuru Wadi,Chandrawadi,Chhabildas Road,Chonkar Wadi,Churi Wadi,College Lane,College Wadi,D D Thakarwadi,D L Vaidya Road,D S B M Ash Lane Dadar Jo,D Vachanalaya M Library Road,Dadaji Haraji Street,Dadar Cross Rd Compound,Dadar Sorting Lane,Dadasaheb Parulekar Marg,Dagdi Wadi,Damodai Karanwadi,Damodar Wadi,Datta Wadi,Denkavliwadi,Devkulewadi,Dhuru Wadi,Dias Wadi,Dnyan Mandir Road,Dnyaneshwar Mandir Road,Dongre Baug,Dpenna Wadi,Dr Dsilva Road,Dr M.B.Raut Road,Dr M.C.Javle Marg,Dsilva Road,Eknath Balaji Wadi,Express Wadi,Fernandez Wadi,Gaiwadi,Gajananpuri,Ganesh Peth Lane,Ganesh Wadi T P Lane,Gaonkar Nagar,Gardinagar,Gharwadi,Gokhale Cross Road 1 & 2,Gokhale Wadi,Gomeshwadi,Goregaonkar Prem,Gulmodiwadi,Haji Abubakai Wadi,Haji Aroon Wadi,Hamraj Bhaiya Wadi,Harbans Eadi,Harichandra Chauri Wadi,Harichandra Kawili Road,Harichandra M Patil Marg,Hedavkar Wadi No 1,Hedavkar Wadi No 2,Hetkari Mahajan Wadi,Hukumat Nagar,Kasar Wadi,Kashinath Dhuru Road,Kasturchand Mill Compound,Kavli Galli,Keluskar Rd North & South,Kenniwadi S K Bole Road,Kewalram College,Khaja Wadi,Khoja Wadi,M B Raut Road,M C Javle Road,M L Dhuru Wadi,M N Kale Marg,M R Dhuru Wadi,Madhukar Kavli Wadi,Manoharbhaskar Kavli Wadi,Margues Wadi,Marwari Chawls,Masjid Galli,Mayekarwadi N C Kelkar Rd,Mhatre Wadi,Miranda Wadi Vs Rd&Nck Rd,Mistry Wadi,Mohan Dhuru Wadi,Muizele Wadi,Mukarwadi,Municipal Cross Compound,Municipal G Ward Office,N B Kavlwadi,N C Kelkar Road,Nanaji Dudha Wadi,Narayan Jiwa Wadi,Narayan Manik Wadi,Nardulla Tank Road,Narsikhoda Wadi,Nawalkar Wadi,New Market,Nikam Wadi,Nunes Wadi,Old Market,Old Prabhadevi Rd 1To64,P T C,Padhye Wadi,Padmabai Thakkar Rd,Palonji Sojpal Chawls,Parshuram Kavil Wadi,Pateil Wadi,Pawashar Wadi,Popat Lal Wadi,Pragati Housing Ksociety,Principal R S N M Kale Ma,Prof V S Agashe Path,Purandare Wadi,Puroshattam Wadi,R D Davliwadi,R D Kavliwadi,R K Vaidya Road,Raghnath Jashi Wadi,Raichand Wadi,Rajaram Dhuru Wadi,Rajaram Keshav Vaidya Mar,Ram Krishna Wadi,Ram Maruti Road,Ramade Road,Ramchandra Wadi,Ramdas Dharnamdas Wadi,Ramu Shet Adda,Rao Bahadur G K Bole Road,Rath Wadi,Raut Wadi,Ray Murzcllo Wadi,Reserve Bank Quarters,Rodrique Wadi,Rozaria Wadi,Ruby Mills Lane,Rukmini Baug,Ruzaru Wadi,S K Bole Road,Sadanand Churi Wadi,Sadanand Thakur Rd,Sahakar Nivas,Sanzgiri Wadi,Sarpachi Wadi,Sate Wadi,Savitribai Chowk,Senapati Bapat Marg,Sham Wadi,Shankar Chanckar Marg,Shantikunji Wadi,Sharma Wadi,Shivaji Park,Shivaji Park Road No 122,Shivaji Park Telephone Ex,Simichi Wadi,Standard Gardens,Steny Wadi,Suleman Maniyar Wadi,Sunder Wadi,Surve Wadi,Suryavanshi Kshatriya Mrg,Swatantrya Veersavarkar,Thakar Mistri Wadi,Thatte Wadi,Tilak Bridge,Upendra Nagar,Usha Housing Society,V S Agashepath,Vaidyawadi,Vajreshwari Wadi Only Dat,Veer Savarkar Mrg238-383),Vithal Raklumaichi Wadi,Vithalwadi,Walbhat Wadi,Western Rly Bridge Dadar,Western Rly Station Dadar,Woolen Mills Lane
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  • Gloria Convent High School Mount Carmel Kindergarten in Byculla(East), Mumbai

    Gloria Convent High School is affiliated to Maharashtra State Board.
    |Mumbai|SchoolAdmissions|PKG|LKG|UKG|1st|2nd|3rd|4th|5th|6th|7th|8th|9th|10th|CBSE|A G Pawar X Lane No 1&2,Abdul Hamid Ansari Chowk,Baburao Jagtap Marg,Bhatia Nagar,Chandi Bazar,Cork Road,D K C M Sussex Rd Towards,D K C Rd Aister Road,D K Marg,Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Road,Dr E.Mozes Road,E.S.Patanwala Marg,Garden Bridge Road,Gloria Church,Gold Mohur Market,Gold Mohur Mills,Gujar Bazar Lane,Gujari Bazar Lane,Hansraj Lane,Harish Palay Lane,Indu Sakrikar Rath,Khambata Lane Gardens,Khambata Lane V Gardens,Maratha Plague Hosp Compo,Maruti Lane,Meherpada Chawl Street,Moti Shah Rd 121To199,N M Joshi Marg,N M Joshi Marg 1St & 2Nd,N M Joshi Mg 570 To 699,N Umaji Bhalinge Marg,Nawab Wadi,New 52 Chawls V Gardens,Rustom Baug,Sant Savatha Path,Sant Savatha Path Cross L,Sant Savta Marg Victoriar,Seth Motisha Lane,Tukaram Bhisaji Kadam Mar,Ulster Road,Veer Byculla Bhaji Bazar,Veer Jija Mata Bhosley Ud,Veer Mata Jijabai Bhonsle,Victoria Cross Road
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    Orchids the International School, regarded as one of the best schools in Vikhroli. Located in SM Mandir Marg, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, Vikhroli East, Orchids International has successfully set a benchmark for other CBSE schools in this regard, by aiming at the holistic and all-round development of children.

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  • Orchids the International School in Vashi, Mumbai


    Orchids the International School, one of the best schools in Vashi, located in plot No. 6A& 7, Mafco Road, provides a world-class education at an affordable cost. Aiming to inculcate better educational values in students, Orchids has developed a unique educational Philosophy that encompasses diverse facets of learning.

    Designed by our dedicated Central Academic Research Team (CART), the curriculum intends to strengthen the basic foundations in various subjects. Aided in this by special kits, we hope to make education an interesting and entertaining activity. This hands-on learning approach has made us stand out among the other schools in Vashi.

    SHARPER, the in-built Philosophy conceptualized by Orchids tried to polish and nurture values like Hard Work, Academic Rigor, Self- discipline etc in Children. To make children adapt to a more advanced world, we’ve also included an introduction to Robotics as well.

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  • Orchids the International School in seawoods, Mumbai

    Orchids the International School, considered as one of the top emerging schools in seawoods, Navi Mumbai. Located in Sector 40, Seawoods has been at the forefront of education for several years offering world-class education at affordable rates. The School has gained a reputation as a hub for academic and creative excellence, which can be attributed to its educational philosophy, which is an eclectic mix of Western pedagogies and Indian academic systems.

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  • ORCHIDS The International School in Masjid Bunder , Mumbai

    ORCHIDS The International School, Masjid Bunder (CBSE Affiliation No. 1130566) has been featured amongst the top emerging schools in Mumbai for its preeminent national curriculum (ICSE/ CBSE) in the Times School Survey 2017. The precisely designed curriculum provides a balanced syllabus for both academic and extracurricular activities that aim for the holistic development of a student.

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  • Orchids the International School in Koparkhairane, Mumbai


    Orchids the International School, located in the Koparkhairane Road, Sector 1, regarded as one of the best CBSE schools in Navi Mumbai (Affiliation No. 1130678), has gained a reputation for itself as an institution that aims at the holistic development of its students.

    Learning that has no bearing with real-life experiences is worthless. At Orchids, we try to integrate real-life experiences with theoretical learning. In this regard, we’ve incorporated a systematic learning approach, aided by kits for science, Maths, EVS, Social Studies, to make education an interesting and fun-filled activity. To make children ready for an advanced future, we’ve included an introduction to Robotics as part of our curriculum.

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  • Orchids the International School in Grant Road, Mumbai


    Orchids the International School, regarded as one of the foremost schools in Grant Road, located in Chikhalwadi road, Grant Road, aims at shaping a generation of brilliant minds.

    Rather than giving preference to rote memorization techniques, we strive hard to lay a strong foundation for the subjects, by imparting education entertainingly and interestingly. By bridging the gap between academic and extracurricular activities, Orchids certainly edges past its competitors.

    Our Curriculum, designed by In-house experts, stresses on blending theoretical knowledge with real-world experiences and in this regard, we arrange frequent field trips, effectively channelizing the creative energies of children. Boosting the self- image of children is one of our main priorities, by making their participation necessary in various activities like Music, Dance, Theatre etc, thus drawing out and polishing their innate talents.

    |Mumbai|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE|Adenwalabaug,Alibhai Premji Marg,Anandashram,August Kranti Mrg 8 To 19,Awabai Petit Street,Babulnath Cr. Lane,Babulnath Road,Badar Baug,Bai Awabai Petit Street,Bai Dinabai Petiti Street,Balaram Street,Balaram Wadi,Bawan Khani,Bhaji Galli,Bharat Nagar,Bhaskar Bhau Lane,Bhau Bhaskar Wadi,Bhendi Galli,Bori Compound,C B V Marg,C P S Compound Proctor R,C V Patel Marg,Chaupati Market,Chaupati Sea Face,Chunam Lane,Corner Of Grant Road,Dadv Sheth Road,Dady Sheth Cross Lane,Dady Sheth Lane,Dambar Cross Lane,Dambar Lane,Dinbhai Petit Street,Dr Atmaram Ramachandra Road,Dr Dadasaheb Bhadkamkar M,Dr Gajanan D. Purandare M,Dr N.A.Purandare Road,Dr P.G.Solanki Path,Erukshaw Hakim Road,French Bridge Low Level,Frerc Bridge,Gamadia Colony,Gamdevi,Gamdevi Road,Ganga Das Wadi,Gilder Tank Bldg,Gokhale Compound,Gokuldas Tejpal Road,Goregaonkar Road,Goregaonkar Wadi,Grant Road,Grant Road Bharatnagar,Grant Road Nyayamurthi,Grant Road Shamrao V Marg,Hakim Wadi,Harichandra Goregaonkar Road,Holly Cross Road,Kavivarya B R Tumbe Chowk,Khan Bahadur A M I Bridge,Khar Shetji Rana Road,M M Market,Maganlal Nagar,Mahila Patel Agiary Stree,Mallam Market,Mama Varerkar Bridge S B,Maulana A C Marg-Chunam S,Morvi Galli,Motlabai St Lane Grant Rd,Motlabai Street Lane,Muzafarabad Hall,N S Patkar Mg 11To79,Nana Chowk,Nasarwanjee Petit Street,Naushir Bharucha Marg,Naushir Bharucha Road S R,Ness Baug,Netaji Subhash Rd No 12,New Chikhalwadi,New Foras Rd S R Nimkar M,New Khareghat Colony,Nowroji Vakil Street,Owendan Road,P N Lane,Pandita Ramabai Road,Pannalal Terace,Patel Esate,Patharc K Samaj Chowk,Pawwala Lane,Play Hou Corner,Proctor Cross Road,Raghav Wadi,Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel,Seaface Cross Road,Shakti Hall,Shamrao V Marg Old Kiln L,Shankar Seth Road,Sitaram Patkar Marg,Sleater Cross Lane,Small Nusserwangi Street,Sonawalla Estate,Talmaki Wadi,Tara Temple Lane,Tejpal Road,Teli Galli,Telwadi,Topiwala Lane,Tukaram Javaji Road,Uandreya Street,Uranwala Street,Vachha Gandhi Road,Wachha Gandhi Road,Zorostrain Colony
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  • Orchids the International School in Ghansoli , Mumbai


    Orchids the International School, Ghansoli located near D- Mart, Gyan Vikas Road, Koper khairane Sec 14, widely regarded as one of the well-known schools in Ghansoli, has been providing quality education at an affordable fee structure. Blossoming over 17 years ago, the school has set the bar high for other schools, through its high- quality educational approaches, and has campuses in various cities of India.

    Aiming at the Organic, natural development of children, the school has developed a unique educational Philosophy, by incorporating elements from Western pedagogies and Indian academic systems. The School aims to act as a bridge between academic excellence and sheer extracurricular brilliance. In this regard, equipped with world-class infrastructure, the school conducts Intra- Orchids competitions such as Junior Ramanujan, Junior Einstein, Speakathon etc along with giving importance to having activity rooms ( Theatre, dance, Music), Basketball courts, Skating rinks, Playgrounds, Swimming pools etc.

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  • Orchids the International School in Borivali, Mumbai


    Orchids the International School, Borivali, located near the Ganesh Durga Temple, Borivali West, believes in the dictum of ‘ a better education is more valuable then hefty bank balances’. To guide and train children in their pursuit of excellence, Orchids has developed its unique educational Philosophy, blending Western and Indian academic systems, at the same time following the syllabus of CBSE.

    The main priority of Orchids has been finding a balance between real-life experiences and theoretical learning. In this regard, we strive to strengthen the foundations of various subjects, and to make education and interesting and entertaining activity, we employ various kits for different subjects. The curriculum, designed by our dedicated Central Academic and Research Team (CART), stress on meeting the requirements of children, while polishing and nurturing the innate talents of children, thus creating an army of global citizens and critical thinkers.

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