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  • Gauhar Shaikh
    These catholic schools have their own criteria. Despite being in such a secular country such reputed schools select their own cast students Thy hv only made brands of their own names The princpl...
    on February 28 2020 at 01:03 AM
  • Gauhar Shaikh
    These catholic schools have their own criteria. Despite being in such a secular country such reputed schools select their own cast students Thy hv only made brands of their own names
    on February 28 2020 at 12:58 AM
    TUHIN wrote a review for The Newtown , New Town
    on February 26 2020 at 02:11 PM

Top Schools in Delhi

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  • in St Samuel Model School, Delhi

    t. Samuel Model School was established in 1995 to offer elementary school programs. It is an independent elementary school located in Budh Vihar, Delhi, India. We believe that the greatest gift we can give society is good education to our children. 
    |Delhi|SchoolAdmissions|PKG|LKG|UKG|1st|2nd|3rd|4th|5th|Day|Budh Vihar
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  • Krishna model school in Najafgarh , Delhi


    Krishna Model School is an English medium co-educational school that combines the best in educational practices. Krishna model school enjoys the unique distinction of being the first of its kind and has emerged as a pace setter in fostering all round development of its students with state of art infrastructure facilities. Here at Krishna model school qualitative education is imparted with proper focus on co-curricular activities in a conducive environment. Geographically situated at the heart of Delhi, The Krishna model school is about the spirit, morals and ethics of Delhi ,India.We encourage children to think of creative solutions both independently and by teaming up with others. We believe that there is not just one correct way for using materials and we encourage new approaches in every process oriented activity. At Krishna Model School,we teach children to think, not what to think. We create a flexible but secure environment, where children are stimulated by new experiences and thereby grow in leaps and bounds.

    The School is proud of having motivated and dedicated faculty to oversee the well being of our students. A good teacher-students ratio makes it possible for our faculty to monitor the progress of every child. During study hours intensive coaching facility is provided so that there is usually no need for extra tuition.

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  • Birla Vidya Niketan School Saket in Sector 4, Delhi


    Birla Vidya Niketan has always aspired to be an educational institution, where holistic learning is prioritized. Our founders had envisioned the summary of education, as life force that enables good livelihood, strengths moral character and develops a powerful intellect. Hence the guiding mission of our school stands stated as under mentioned:-

    • B - “Being” an institution that builds strong, enabled, empowered citizens of tomorrow.

    • I - An “Integrated”curriculum that aim global but roots itself in “Indianness”.

    • R - “Revisiting” the lessons we have learnt from the past and using them as the tools for future learning.

    • L - “Long” term planning with clear focus on preparing our students for tomorrow’s society.

    • A - Defining realistic, attainable “aims” and then redefining them as and when needed.

    • V - “Volunteering” to take extra responsibilities towards social welfare specially catering to the underprivileged.

    • I - “Involving” parents, as a part of our team to create more bonding.

    • D - “Dutifulness” as the most treasured value. The school lays enormous stress on defining and accepting the duties-personal, social & moral-head on.

    • Y - “Yearly” evaluation of our progress with introspection and retrospection about our growth.

    • A - “Attainment” of 100% computer literacy and techno saviness amongst all our students.

    • N - “Nobility” in deeds and characters. This is a mission that we incorporate in all our endeavous.

    • I - “Individual” attention to the students with the realization that every student is unique and hence is entitled to a different treatment.

    • K - “Knowledge” banking, knowledge sharing. Recognizing knowledge as the final transformation of all informations.

    • E - “Empowering” the faculty members with adequate training and motivation to raise their own indices of achievements.

    • T - “Training” in different skills and domains with an aim to respect manual labour.

    • A - “Aspiring” upward, onward and forward always in the changing times.

    • N - “Nationalism”, patriotism and democracy as the guiding spirit of our education.

    |Delhi|PKG|LKG|UKG|1st|2nd|3rd|4th|5th|6th|7th|8th|9th|10th|11th|12th|Day|Malviya Nagar,Panchseel Enclave,Pushpa Vihar Sector I,South Malviya Nagar
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  • Shemrock in Dwraka, Delhi

    Give your child the best atmosphere to make his learning fun and effective! Going to PreSchool is ‘A small step for a giant exposure in a child’s life’ This is the first exercise in which #children are separated from the comfort and secure zone of their parents. Therefore, it has to be a place which is a second home to the child; a place, which has enough material to attract and make the child feel comfortable and secure. This is the first place where the child builds his/her self-esteem. A child learns the importance of his own name, things and friends. Every child learns to communicate with his teachers and fellow students in the PreSchool. It is the right place for the child’s foundation for lifelong progress. The skills and knowledge that the child develops in the Pre School have a great impact on the aptitude and attitude of the child later in life. Researches on Pre School education have shown that children taught at an early age usually have improved social skills, fewer behavioural problems and better grades without special and attention. Self confidence gained by learning in a playful manner adds to the personality development of the child.|Delhi|SchoolAdmissions|PKG|LKG|UKG|Preschool|Dwarka
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  • Champs valley play school in Shalimar Garden, Delhi

    Pre school, Nursery kindergarten day care and activity center... We will provide abacus class also and Dance music yoga hand writing class in evening ....|Delhi|PKG|LKG|Preschool|Malaknagar
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    One of the premier educational institutions in the city. As the torchbearers of knowledge and growth, we leave no stone unturned in providing an extraordinary learning experience to our students. The best of infrastructural facilities, high-tech labs, well-stocked library and medical room, playground etc. – the prerequisites that make for a wonderful school life – are available.|Delhi|Day|Rohini
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  • in Kind Hearts Play School, Delhi

    Kind Hearts is working with pre-schoolers for more than 10 years now. We focus on child's overall development, be it physical or mental. We prepare the children to tackle problems head on and make sure their base is strong.|Delhi|Day
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  • in DPS Vasant Kunj - Delhi Public School, Delhi

    CBSE , Day
    Delhi Public school, Vasant Kunj was supported in 1991 and is taken into account among the highest schools in India.It is related to with the Central Board for instruction. This college offers holistic and over all development of scholars. It moulds and shapes students careers by transmission quality education.    The School is supported by a team of fully fledged school, delicate technical employees and wonderful non-teaching employees.|Delhi|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE|Day
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  • DPS Dwarka - Delhi Public School in Dwarka, Delhi

    The main theory of DPS Dwarka is its aim to impart a value system in every individual, so as to help him withstand all the tests of time. They believe that true education is training of both the head & the heart. Academic excellence is desirable but imparting good values is the essence of education.   They take upon the task of not only raising career oriented students but also socially responsible and global citizens. They aim to impart holistic education to ensure that our children grow up as individuals who are morally upright, emotionally balanced, culturally integrated, socially aware and spiritually oriented.|Delhi|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE
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  • Modern School in Vasant Vihar, Delhi

    That dream, currently sooner than its time was planned at Daryaganj and now it's fully grown into 3 establishments - Lala Raghubir Singh Junior fashionable college Humayun Road , Modernschool Barakhamba Road & Modern School Vasant Vihar . All 3 ar settled in Indian capital. fashionable college acknowledges the individuality of every kid. there's place here for the thinkers, the dreamers, the students, the artists, the craftspersons and also the players. The magic of faculty life is so the amalgam of this internal representation that unravels year when year, ever new and compelling. it's this which supplies a spring to the step and a lilt to one's voice.|Delhi|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE
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