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  • The Lexicon School in Hadapsar, Pune

    CBSE , New Age
    Instruction is gotten from a Latin word that way to bring out. Our rationality on Education is extremely easy to draw out of the kid the endowment of knowledge by making a climate where request and intrigue can be invigorated by imparting trust in a tyke to have faith in himself or herself. Creating scholarly interest, mindfulness and concordance, upgrading innovative and basic knowledge and considering and helping kids to be esteemed residents of tomorrow's reality – this is the inspiration that aides The Lexicon Schools. The program should make satisfactory arrangement for the general instructive needs of its understudies.|Pune|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE|New Age
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  • Wisdom World School in Wakad, Pune

    ICSE , New Age
    Insight World School gives an intelligent domain where guardians can screen the advance of their kid from the limits of their home through an intuitive gateway with the school. School gloats of multi media empowered classrooms, completely prepared PC lab, football ground, ball court, yard tennis, swimming pool, theater, school transports, and so forth.    The School need every one of the youngsters to feel invited, cheerful and satisfied.|Pune|SchoolAdmissions|ICSE|New Age
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  • Gurukul School in Shivaji Nagar, Pune

    Gurukul endeavors to upgrade a tyke's physical, social, passionate, and scholarly improvement in the most vital years of the tyke's development. We urge youngsters to teach an inspirational state of mind towards realizing, which will hold them in great stead all through life. To meet this objective, it is basic to enable youngsters to set reasonable objectives and embrace challenges in school that would sharpen their abilities.    Gurukul's particular convention, culture of advancement and dauntless school soul, gives a ripe learning field to the New Age Child. Gurukul is a comprehensive school where we have understudies of differing capacities assisted with customized consideration. The educator's part in this undertaking is more to move than to instruct - to be a facilitator, good example and a guide.    Making a quality learning condition includes everybody - guardians, understudies, instructors, bolster staff and volunteers, each bringing a one of a kind point of view and commitment towards satisfying the school rationality. They are fundamental elements of our school's proceeding with success.|Pune|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE|S P College,S P College Lokuranya Nag,S P Narayanpeth,S P Rashtra Bhasha Bhavan,S P Sadashiv Peth,S P Saniwar Peth
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  • Indus International School in Mulshi, West India

    IB , International , Residential , New Age
    Beginning in the Tibetan Plateau in the region of Lake Mansarovar, the stream Indus goes through the Ladakh district of Jammu and Kashmir, towards Gilgit and Baltistan and afterward streams in a southerly bearing along the whole length of Pakistan, to converge into the Arabian Sea close to the port city of Karachi in Sindh, spreading over a length of 3,180 kilometers. The Indus River supports life and economies of the districts it moves through. India gets its name from the Sanskrit word Sindhu, the antiquated name for stream Indus.    Going ahead in time, in January 2002, on the banks of River Indus at Leh, Lt. General Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM (Retd.), a visionary second to none drafted the Vision of a school, a Vision enveloping and supporting as the River Indus; and out of his prescience and conviction of thought, in view of universalism of human esteems, was set up the Indus International School Pune, on fourteenth July, 2003.    The Indus International School Pune started its first scholarly year in August, 2008, with 52 understudies. In view of a cognizant choice to guarantee quality taking in, the School moved on from Grade 9 to Grade 12 over a traverse of three years. Today, the school has more than 825 understudies from 27 nations, with 30 percent of the understudies living on grounds.|Pune|SchoolAdmissions|IB|International|Residential|New Age
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  • The Orbis School in Mundhwa, Pune

    CBSE , New Age
    Top schools in Pune have dependably pulled in understudies from everywhere throughout the nation and abroad, and in such a domain The Orbis School is a favored selection of guardians looking for admission to great schools in Pune.    The school's name, Orbis, which originates from sphere, is an analogy for the world. Furthermore, our point as teachers is to prep understudies in concordance with worldwide advance. Today, the Orbis School is perceived as outstanding amongst other schools in Pune.    As the world turns out to be progressively level, and cycles of progress become ever shorter, the great schools in Pune and whatever is left of the nation must get the capacity to keep up. Tomorrow's champs should have the capacity to bring the change instead of just respond to it.|Pune|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE|New Age
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  • The Orbis School in Keshavnagar, Pune

    CBSE , New Age
    The Orbis School expects to give an empowering domain and enhanced educational programs, which advances, interest, free considering, articulating, examining, debating and executing thoughts in a situation of regard for pluralism.    Assessment will go for giving exhaustive and tenable criticism on scholastics and educational improvement as well as include subjective judgment of demeanors, interests and capacity to work freely.|Pune|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE|New Age
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  • VIBGYOR High School in Balewadi, Pune

    CBSE , ICSE , New Age
    VIBGYOR High has efficiantly settled itself as a famous chain of schools, with focuses in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Vadodara and Lucknow. Balewadi, situated in SUS village on the Pune Highway is the site of one more school of the famous VIBGYOR High chain. The conclusion of area was refered to by the want to discover a spot far from the city that is useful  for learning, while furthermore meeting worldwide principles.|Pune|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE|ICSE|New Age|Pashan
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  • Abhinav English Medium School in Chikhali, Pune

    State Board
    Abhinav Public School is a Public administration arranged School. It is advanced by Akhil Bhartiya Samajhothan Samiti (Regd.) which has done spearheading work in the field of instruction since 1987. It runs two Senior Secondary Schools.    Abhinav Public School , G-27, Sector-3, Rohini (set up in 1987).    Abhinav Public School, CU-Block, Pitampura (built up in 2003).    Abhinav Global School, Sector 13, Dwarka (built up in 2013).    Exceptional accentuation is given to understudies to understand the pride of diligent work. The goal of the school is to soak up good and stylish esteems in the youngsters, alongside the comprehensive advancement of the kid. School endeavors to accomplish the 3R's Right Thought, Right Action and Right Attitude. The Chairman of the school Dr. K.K. Bansal (M.A. Pol. Sci. and Eng, LL.B, M.Ed and research researcher) is fundamentally a social laborer and incredible Humanist. He unequivocally trusts that kids are the fate of our nation, so the new age must be created in an unselfish character as they are the mainstays of quality. They need to confront the difficulties of globalizations, so every care must be taken that they form into able and sure nationals of India. He is staunch supporter of lady freedom. He needs to set up issueless world in view of legitimacy just pleasing everything conceivable.|Pune|SchoolAdmissions|State Board|Ganeshkhind
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  • D S Kulkarni School in Dhayari, Pune

    DSK School is resolved to reclassify 'Training' to suit the necessities of the new age. Instruction here means helpful and significant learning with useful utility. Scholastic brilliance can get the coveted 'Occupation' for anybody however the status got by bringing up in the activity depends just upon the disposition and the identity of the individual.    We, at DSK School, have vision of creating fruitful understudies will's identity fit for using their insight into prevail in the calling they pick. We picture a shrewd, aggressive and dependable society in the coming year thus we are committing ourselves for delivering such understudies as future natives. Our saying is 'Administration Before Self' and our point is to give elevated requirement of training through ICSE syllabus for better prospects.|Pune|SchoolAdmissions|ICSE
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