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  • Victorious Kidss Educares School in Sopan Baug, Pune

    This one of a kind establishment was established by Dr. Robbin Ghosh on sixth January 1997. His mantra has dependably been – We Believe, 'If the Student Has Not Learnt, It Is We, Who Have Not Taught'.    The thought behind the origination of Victorious Kidss Educares was to discover a response to every one of the issues of instruction. Dr. Ghosh was hunting down a perfect idea of training affirmed by the general population of the world. He needed to bring back the information of the Vedanta to the present world. It was a fantasy which Dr. Ghosh needed to satisfy through this school.    Vedantic lessons with Western Science work towards acknowledgment of the fantasy with which Dr. Ghosh started this excursion. The school appeared in order to enable guardians to expel perplexity and turmoil from the youthful personalities of their kids. Gigantic possibilities of these youthful personalities would then be able to be guided to frame a mass of scholarly goliaths, dynamic students, balanced people and worldwide subjects, the point is to create minding and learned youngsters, who might make a superior and a more tranquil world to live in.    The need of the thousand years is to help our youngsters to find the privileged insights inside and utilize them to help families, society and improve this world a place to live in. Along these lines there is a need to move the goals of instruction from content headed to idea driven training. Triumphant Kidss Educares with the foresight of the issues of training was hunting down a perfect idea of instruction affirmed by the general population of the world. VKE needed to produce a procedure of self-learning, freedom, bravery and a feeling of figuring out how to love to learn; with the goal that our youngsters wind up plainly self-starters and business people. Through years of experience and hunt, the International Baccalaureate (IB) instructional method (educating and learning), ended up being a perfect idea for the offspring of the world.    The International Baccalaureate (IB) instructional method (educating and learning), has turned out to be a perfect idea for the offspring of the world. It has been demonstrated over years of research. Today IB is turning into the need of great importance. There is a move occurring wherein teachers, business moguls, political pioneers and learned guardians are indicating more prominent enthusiasm for this idea. They are seriously supporting the IB reasoning by either beginning an IB school or sending their youngsters to consider in IB establishments. IB isn't a materialistic trifle any longer. It gives a stage to the changing universe of Technology, Information, Economy and Social needs.    Successful Kidss Educares, continuing on the rules given by Swami Vivekananda 132 years prior, mixes the Vedantic lessons with western science so as to get the fantasy figured it out. Today Victorious Kidss Educares is the biggest IB World School in Pune city; it's an approved IB school in Pune for Primary Years Programme(PYP) and Middle Years Programme(MYP) and Diploma Programme(DP) and dreams towards turning into a World University.|Pune|SchoolAdmissions|IB
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