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  • Sri Sri Academy Hyderabad in Srisailam Highway, Hyderabad

    SSA is an initiative by Art of Living Organization.A national chain of academic institutions built on the values of holistic learning and art of living. Spread across a sprawling 5 acre campus at Discover City, Maheshwaram, the school integrates the best of traditional Gurukul system and modern-day tech-driven education system.At SSA, We believe in Vidya Dadati Poornatvam, which means �Education Brings Completeness.� we believe that only an education that can nourish inbuilt virtues can impart true intelligence. Today, it is the concern of every parent that their children should grow up to be well educated human beings with certain values in their lives and should be happy. But somewhere along the line, the link to happiness appears to be getting severed and we are losing the goal of happiness.A well-educated person is one who is friendly and compassionate, who can be a �nobody� with everybody. Creative methods of teaching help children build such personality.Creative sports and ancient techniques such as meditation, yoga, and pranayama should be part of a child�s learning process. �The need of the day is a broad-minded education accompanied by a warm heart�.We believe that each one who has a stake in education must ponder on holistic, healthy education system that retains the virtues and values which we are all naturally endowed with. Education must attend to all facets of human life. The key is to harness the ancient and be innovative with the modern.

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  • Olympia international residential school in Tupran, South India

    CBSE , IGCSE , IB , Day , Residential
    Indian Values with International Out Look, 32 Acres lush green campus established by University professors, IITians, NRI's & Doctors.

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  • Heritage Valley - The Indian School in Shadnagar, South India

    ICSE , Day , Residential
    “Heritage Valley - The Indian School” follows the Gurukul system and the British Boarding School concept, come together in a dynamic confluence in Heritage Valley - The Indian School. While, on one hand, it incorporates the age- old practices of learning from nature and the guru-shishya relationship, on the other hand, the school trains its students to be technology savvy and equips them with the necessary skills to face any kind of challenge in life.

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  • Amtul Public School in Nainital, East India

    CBSE , Day , Residential
    Amtul’s Public School is a co-educational residential school from class I to XII. It aims at imparting education with a firm moral base and developing all facets of a child’s personality. Founded in the year 1983, the school has a fine distinction of being rated among the top boarding schools of India. Located in the scenic surroundings of Ayarpata hills of Nainital town, Amtul’s Public School provides quality education with the latest wherewithal in education technology.
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  • Dalhousie Public School in Dalhousie, North India

    CBSE , Day , Residential
    Dalhousie Public School, founded over four decades ago, is a residential co-educational school. It comprises of over a 1250 students, ranging from age 4 (Kindergarten) to age 16 (tenth grade) of which 1000 are boarders and the rest day scholars. The teaching staff consists of approximately 85 trained teachers most of whom live on campus. Both students and teachers are selected from different parts of India and also from other parts of the world thus providing an atmosphere of cultural diversity.

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  • Vidya Niketan Birla Public School in Pilani, North India

    CBSE , Residential
    Birla Public School situated in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan the school enjoys, today, an unrivalled and unparalleled status of a Fine Institution of the country. It holds a rich history of more than six decades which was started by legendary and unpretentious paradigm of contemporary age Shri G.D. Birla in 1944.A school that encourages you to trek on the rugged mountain slopes during the monsoon. Allows you to punch bags to express anger. A class room that opens out in the garden of flowers. A place bursting with smiling, happy faces of children. A hub of world-knowledge and Indian tradition.
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  • New Era High School in Panchgani, North India

    CBSE , Day , Residential
    New Era High School today majestically stands out as an educational institution of repute, earning recognition as one of the leading residential schools in India, distinguished for its holistic approach to education. Inspired by the universal tenets of the Bahai Faith. New Era incorporates the best practices that promote a dynamic process of teaching-learning and cultivates a culture that empowers its student community to strive for academic and moral excellence.  It welcomes the multi-cultural diversity of its student and teaching community that reflects and nurtures the organizations fundamental belief in the oneness of humanity. A wide spectrum of educational and social activity and artistic endeavors enhance intellectual capabilities and awaken in its students and staff the spirit of service to humanity.
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  • Ivy League Academy in Hyderabad, South India

    CBSE , Day , Residential
    Ivy League Academy was established in 1988. Affiliated to CBSE.It is a Co-educational School.and the Teacher-Student Ratio 1: 10. Ivy League is a leading educational establishment that lays the foundation of honesty, sensitivity, and inculcates good behavior, an enthusiasm for learning and life itself, in children. At Ivy League Academy, we instil a set of values as a practice in our students daily schedule early in their academic life, to ensure that they truly understand and follow them like a good habit.
    |Hyderabad|SchoolAdmissions|1st|2nd|3rd|4th|5th|6th|7th|8th|9th|10th|11th|12th|CBSE|Day|Residential|Banjara Hills Hyderabad
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  • in Siddhartha Public School, Hyderabad

    Siddhartha public school is the best CBSE school in Hyderabad, Boduppal area, we have the best faculty teachers for teaching the students who can understand the concepts easily.|Hyderabad|SchoolAdmissions|1st|10th|Day
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  • Akira- school for slow learners in Old Air Port, Hyderabad

    Dyslexia is the most common learning disability these days. One of the main goals of Akira principals is equity and understanding the needs of a child with dyslexia. Dive deep into supporting children with dyslexia with a diffusion of private support for dyslexic students.|Hyderabad|PKG|LKG|UKG|1st|2nd|3rd|4th|5th|6th|7th|8th|9th|10th|Day|Hindustan Aeronautics Hyd,Raju Colony
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