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  • Gauhar Shaikh
    These catholic schools have their own criteria. Despite being in such a secular country such reputed schools select their own cast students Thy hv only made brands of their own names The princpl...
    on February 28 2020 at 01:03 AM
  • Gauhar Shaikh
    These catholic schools have their own criteria. Despite being in such a secular country such reputed schools select their own cast students Thy hv only made brands of their own names
    on February 28 2020 at 12:58 AM
    TUHIN wrote a review for The Newtown , New Town
    on February 26 2020 at 02:11 PM

Best Day Schools in Delhi

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  • in St Samuel Model School, Delhi

    t. Samuel Model School was established in 1995 to offer elementary school programs. It is an independent elementary school located in Budh Vihar, Delhi, India. We believe that the greatest gift we can give society is good education to our children. 
    |Delhi|SchoolAdmissions|PKG|LKG|UKG|1st|2nd|3rd|4th|5th|Day|Budh Vihar
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  • Krishna model school in Najafgarh , Delhi


    Krishna Model School is an English medium co-educational school that combines the best in educational practices. Krishna model school enjoys the unique distinction of being the first of its kind and has emerged as a pace setter in fostering all round development of its students with state of art infrastructure facilities. Here at Krishna model school qualitative education is imparted with proper focus on co-curricular activities in a conducive environment. Geographically situated at the heart of Delhi, The Krishna model school is about the spirit, morals and ethics of Delhi ,India.We encourage children to think of creative solutions both independently and by teaming up with others. We believe that there is not just one correct way for using materials and we encourage new approaches in every process oriented activity. At Krishna Model School,we teach children to think, not what to think. We create a flexible but secure environment, where children are stimulated by new experiences and thereby grow in leaps and bounds.

    The School is proud of having motivated and dedicated faculty to oversee the well being of our students. A good teacher-students ratio makes it possible for our faculty to monitor the progress of every child. During study hours intensive coaching facility is provided so that there is usually no need for extra tuition.

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  • Birla Vidya Niketan School Saket in Sector 4, Delhi


    Birla Vidya Niketan has always aspired to be an educational institution, where holistic learning is prioritized. Our founders had envisioned the summary of education, as life force that enables good livelihood, strengths moral character and develops a powerful intellect. Hence the guiding mission of our school stands stated as under mentioned:-

    • B - “Being” an institution that builds strong, enabled, empowered citizens of tomorrow.

    • I - An “Integrated”curriculum that aim global but roots itself in “Indianness”.

    • R - “Revisiting” the lessons we have learnt from the past and using them as the tools for future learning.

    • L - “Long” term planning with clear focus on preparing our students for tomorrow’s society.

    • A - Defining realistic, attainable “aims” and then redefining them as and when needed.

    • V - “Volunteering” to take extra responsibilities towards social welfare specially catering to the underprivileged.

    • I - “Involving” parents, as a part of our team to create more bonding.

    • D - “Dutifulness” as the most treasured value. The school lays enormous stress on defining and accepting the duties-personal, social & moral-head on.

    • Y - “Yearly” evaluation of our progress with introspection and retrospection about our growth.

    • A - “Attainment” of 100% computer literacy and techno saviness amongst all our students.

    • N - “Nobility” in deeds and characters. This is a mission that we incorporate in all our endeavous.

    • I - “Individual” attention to the students with the realization that every student is unique and hence is entitled to a different treatment.

    • K - “Knowledge” banking, knowledge sharing. Recognizing knowledge as the final transformation of all informations.

    • E - “Empowering” the faculty members with adequate training and motivation to raise their own indices of achievements.

    • T - “Training” in different skills and domains with an aim to respect manual labour.

    • A - “Aspiring” upward, onward and forward always in the changing times.

    • N - “Nationalism”, patriotism and democracy as the guiding spirit of our education.

    |Delhi|PKG|LKG|UKG|1st|2nd|3rd|4th|5th|6th|7th|8th|9th|10th|11th|12th|Day|Malviya Nagar,Panchseel Enclave,Pushpa Vihar Sector I,South Malviya Nagar
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  • Champs valley play school in Shalimar Garden, Delhi

    Pre school, Nursery kindergarten day care and activity center... We will provide abacus class also and Dance music yoga hand writing class in evening ....|Delhi|PKG|LKG|Preschool|Malaknagar
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    One of the premier educational institutions in the city. As the torchbearers of knowledge and growth, we leave no stone unturned in providing an extraordinary learning experience to our students. The best of infrastructural facilities, high-tech labs, well-stocked library and medical room, playground etc. – the prerequisites that make for a wonderful school life – are available.|Delhi|Day|Rohini
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  • in Kind Hearts Play School, Delhi

    Kind Hearts is working with pre-schoolers for more than 10 years now. We focus on child's overall development, be it physical or mental. We prepare the children to tackle problems head on and make sure their base is strong.|Delhi|Day
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  • in DPS Vasant Kunj - Delhi Public School, Delhi

    CBSE , Day
    Delhi Public school, Vasant Kunj was supported in 1991 and is taken into account among the highest schools in India.It is related to with the Central Board for instruction. This college offers holistic and over all development of scholars. It moulds and shapes students careers by transmission quality education.    The School is supported by a team of fully fledged school, delicate technical employees and wonderful non-teaching employees.|Delhi|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE|Day
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  • in DAV Vasant Kunj - DAV Public School, Delhi

    At the DAV Vasant Kunj, we wish to make a foundation second to none where youthful personalities are touched off with a journey for learning, soul of enquiry and logical demeanor. Our point is to support our understudies as impetuses for change who are not just ready to maintain themselves in an aggressive world yet additionally lead it without bargaining on their qualities and standards. Our school is a branch of that sprawling D.A.V. tree which is established in antiquated Indian Tradition however which connects with the sky. Being a piece of such a distinguished association we have a huge duty. We are aware of the way that we need to satisfy the holy mission of visionaries like Swami Dayanand, who lit the light of instruction when our nation was reeling in the haziness of absence of education, superstition and debauchery and this gives us certainty to push forward regardless of obstacles and hindrances.|Delhi|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE
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  • Bosco Public School in Sunder Vihar, Delhi

    CBSE , Day
    The school is overseen by Bosco Educational Welfare Society. It is working since 1985 under the supervision of exceptionally aggressive, committed and taught educators. The school is partnered to the focal leading group of optional instruction under the 10+2 plan. Our organization offers a wide selection of exercises – scholarly tasteful and athletic – to furnish a situation enhanced with fervor, test and intensity. Physical Education &work encounter are a basic piece of the educational modules. To meet the requests of the administration plans to get ready kids forever giving information, abilities, qualities and state of mind and searches forward for genuine true participation from guardians.    As a prominent educationist J.Krishnamurthi said " Truth can't be given to you by someone, you need to find it ; and to find, there must be a perspective in which there is an immediate observation". The point of instruction ought to be to create such a perspective, and the rest will take after/. Infact, a definitive point of any undertaking in the field of instruction is to know reality about existence and presence , for training is a procedure of dynamic contemplation through which cynicism gets changed over in to energy the motion of peace and serenity spins around the light of shrewdness.    The School Crest    The school peak delineates an open book and a lit light which implies that as the flame dispenses with the dimness around us, training takes out the obscurity of obliviousness, ignorance, questions, and superstition.    The School Motto    'Learning is the street to control' .We continually endeavor to dissipate the haziness of obliviousness to develop more grounded, with the ability to read a compass, mettle and resolute dedication to the Divine and Ultimate information of the self.    Our Vision    Resolved to maintain the most astounding standard in instruction we attempt to enhance lives over all areas of society . At Bosco we have confidence in granting significant instruction for the mind body and soul. Where the vision is one year, develop blooms Where the vision is ten years , develop trees where the vision is time everlasting, develop individuals.    Our Mission    Kids are prepared to confront the rubs and difficulties of life, taking the world in their steps. We make taking in a vital hotspot for the tyke's social conduct and identity, changing him into a light carrier of renewal.|Delhi|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE|Day
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  • The Modern School in Deepali, Delhi

    State Board
    The Modern School positions among India's chief co-instructive day schools and has a long history of greatness in giving training in the city of Delhi for more than 90 years.Its demonstrated reputation for predominant instruction is built up by a not insignificant rundown of famous graduated class who keep on being pioneers in their own particular fields over the world.|Delhi|SchoolAdmissions|State Board|Anandvas Shakurpur,Multani Mohalla,Pitampura,Rani Bagh,Saraswati Vihar,Shakurbasti R S,Shakurpur Block I,Srinagar Colony
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