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  • nlamba2
    One of the great school for the child to be studying currently Encouraging e-learning methods and the teachers r available to clearify all the doubts and are well versed with the subject knowledg...
    on December 20 2020 at 06:45 PM
  • Usha Malachetty
    I really like the school for its Infrastructure, its teachers and other staff, the big playground and various facilities. The school has good mix of studies and extra curricular activities like swi...
    on October 31 2020 at 02:08 PM
  • yokymycoo
    Worst school this is up board not a cbse board
    on October 15 2020 at 11:15 AM

Best State Board Schools in Adyar

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  • St. Michaels Academy Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Adyar, Chennai

    ICSE , State Board , Convent , Heritage
    St. Michael's Academy admittance Higher lyceum was based within the year 1953 and is conducted by the Patrician Brothers UN agency have documented colleges in Asian nation and abroad. From 1984 forrader the college came to be referred to as St. Michael's Academy admittance Higher lyceum. The School stands in lovely surroundings high the Adyar watercourse .|Chennai|SchoolAdmissions|ICSE|State Board|Convent|Heritage
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  • Vana Vani Matriculation Hr Sec School in Adyar, Chennai

    State Board
      Vana Vani located within the field of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, was supported on 8th July 1963 as a school with fifty two students. Nowadays it's a fully grown and developed into a fullfledged admission Higher institution with around 2000 boys and women on the rolls. The varsity is go by the IIT Madras instructional Trust and is managed by a Committee comprising of the Chairman, the Secretary - ejaculate - money dealer, the Principal, AN specializer of repute and parent representatives.|Chennai|SchoolAdmissions|State Board
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  • Kumararani Meena Muthiah Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Adyar, Chennai

    State Board
    Kumararani Meena Muthiah Matriculation Higher Secondary School readies the young for a prosperous future and to construct a solid nation.The school means to instill qualities like authority, co-operation, flexibility, camaraderie and an awareness of other's expectations and administration mindedness which thusly will advance national coordination. The school began on June first 2001 with a quality of 108 understudies. Today the quality is 1227. The vigorous endeavors of our Correspondent and Principal have been remunerated thoughtfully by the all-powerful.    We as a whole recollect that day 13 years prior when we initially began. Classrooms halfway loaded with howling youngsters, on edge guardians and quiet educators. It was then we started our adventure alongside the little children. Many, feared school. To start with we influenced them to love our school. For example an English sweetheart need not be a science fan. Wouldn't it be smarter to isolate the sprouting Shakespeares and Einsteins early? Why impose them with social investigations when they can run like a gazelle and convey wonderfulness to the country? So the understudies were given a great deal of opportunities to take part in different social exercises and athletic occasions to assemble their certainty. That was the primary objective of KRMMMHSS, to bestow a suitable situation to empower the buds to blossom. Our ten years of administration in the field of instruction is the evidence that we have prevailing in our objective.    The Cultural devour sorted out by Vidya Mandir, the show rivalry composed by Alliance Française , the verse recitation rivalry directed by Vidya Mandir are a couple to specify. They conveyed trees to the school by their execution.    Our stage adjustment of 'Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs' won a great deal of acclaim and thankfulness when it was organized for the School Day 2003-2004. The move show on National Integration arranged in the Annual Day 2010, was exceedingly valued by the well known artists, 'The Dhananjayans'. Expressive rivalries, talks about are additionally part of our educational programs.    Would we be able to truly value learning about our condition inside a classroom? Field outings and Excursions are a vital piece of our school. Consistently, educators go with understudies to better places and start to unwind and gain from the experience.    Yearly games day is directed and understudies take an interest with a great deal of life and energy. Training is given by experienced physical instruction teachers in Karate, Cricket and Volley Ball. Prithvi, the State Tennis Player and Irfan the Swimmer are promising competitors of our school.    Before Christmas and Diwali, understudies give old garments to halfway houses. Commitments are reached out to associations like 'Jeevadhanam'.    Understudies are made mindful of major ecological issues. The survivors of Bhopal Gas Tragedy went by our school and tended to the understudies. Our understudies took an interest in a parade to demonstrate their help.    It was a significant privilege when the well known essayist Ruskin Bond went by our school. Our understudies organized a play in view of one of his books. Understudies from the neighboring schools went to our school and there was a connection with the creator – a point of reference in our school record.    As a piece of News Paper in Education, a group from 'The Hindu' visits the school and makes the understudies mindful of significance of perusing daily papers. Correspondence with guardians is made simple with ''. Data in regards to the understudy is passed on to the parent in a limited ability to focus time.    Yearly Health Check up is a basic component of the scholarly year. Medicinal experts visit the school and inspect the understudies. They are given a provide details regarding their wellbeing with exceptional accentuation on oral cleanliness.    A cure for AIDS is as yet a fantasy. Thusly AIDS Awareness Program has turned into an unquestionable requirement. The film 'A Closer Walk' on this issue was screened to make our understudies mindful.    The staff and understudies are gathered in 4 houses Emerald, Pearl, Ruby and Sapphire. The houses partake in different games and social exercises. This assembles a soul of rivalry. The morning get together exercises are taken up by the houses thus. Intriguing and interesting addresses are conveyed. A physical wellness practice is finished by understudies under the attentive gazes of the Principal and Staff.    The greater part of the seeds we had sustained over the span of these 10 years have developed to saplings. Expectation they would wind up plainly solid oaks and be mainstays of pride to our country.|Chennai|SchoolAdmissions|State Board
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  • Saraswathy Venkatraman Matriculation Hr Sec School in Adyar, Chennai

    State Board
    Saraswathy Vidhalaya Nursery school was begun on fourth June 1992 to take into account the necessities of the kids in the territory. Sri. S. Venkataraman, an awesome philanthrophist and a man of high goals stepped up with regards to begin the Nursery school in his better half's name.    His point was to run the foundation to grant wide based and esteem focused training, to develop character among the youngsters and to form them into best natives. He got the help of his relatives and the older folks of the area to advance training with a mix of human esteems.    In 1994, Lakshmi Ammal Trust, an enlisted body, assumed control over the administration of the school and renamed it as Saraswathy Venkataraman Matriculation School. In 1995 - 1996, the School was moved up to a Matriculation School and in 1999 it was moved up to a Higher Secondary School.|Chennai|SchoolAdmissions|State Board|Tiruvanmiyur
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  • St Marks Nursery and Primary School in Adyar, Chennai

    State Board
    St. Mark’s Nursery and Primary School was established in the year 1986, by the Princpal, Mrs. Margaret Muthu, with a few  students, and 2 teachers, with the only aim of providing such a foundation to every child, irrespective of their background. Classes are from Pre-KG to 5th.   Total strength of the School is limited to 325 students. The School, a ‘home away from home’, is situated in Gandhi Nagar, a silent residential neighbourhood, in Adyar, Chennai with its own shaded play area.   We always had a fun and intractive interaction with our students and their parents with an aim to take our vision of providing quality education for future schooling.   Besides, St. Marks will bring out the hidden Talent of little children and groom them with strong foundation both in civilization & academic towards great citizen of India.|Chennai|SchoolAdmissions|State Board
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  • Vidya Ratna PTS Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Adyar, Chennai

    State Board
    The school was set up by Mr. P.T.S. RAVIKUMAR, M.A., B.L., in the year 1999 as a honest to goodness motion of making Quality Education moderate, Following the strides of his dad, Vidya Ratna P.T. Sreenivasan who made training to the entryway strides of thepeople who were hesitant to send young lady understudies to schools. This school is being controlled by "Smt. Malathi Srinivasan Educational Trust" under the dynamic steward ship of the Correspondent and Principal ,Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Ravikumar M.A., B.Ed., who is likewise the Managing Trustee of this trust.    The numerous points of reference accomplished by the school owe its essence to the put stock in individuals, devoted and effective resources, earnest understudy group and empowering guardians and disparaging admirably wishers.|Chennai|SchoolAdmissions|State Board|Adyar,Central Institute Of Tech,Central Leather Research,Gandhi Nagar,Indra Nagar,Kasturbanagar,Sastrinagar,Technical Teachers Trg In,Theosophical Society
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  • Olcott Memorial Higher Secondary School in Adyar, Chennai

    State Board , Day
    One of the first items of welfare work taken up at Adyar was the education of the poor and the deprived; for soon after the Founders came to India, Colonel Olcott began the pioneering work of establishing free schools for boys and girls from the lowest strata of society. After his death, two of these schools were aptly named Olcott Memorial Schools. They were later merged into one school catering for children in the Adyar area. This school, which was started by Col. H.S. Olcott, is located in the south eastern part of Besant Gardens, Adyar. It provides free education for underprivileged children, both boys and girls. They are given free textbooks and uniforms, and the government also provides a nutritious breakfast, and a nourishing mid-day meal for every child.|Chennai|SchoolAdmissions|State Board|Day
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