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  • Gauhar Shaikh
    These catholic schools have their own criteria. Despite being in such a secular country such reputed schools select their own cast students Thy hv only made brands of their own names The princpl...
    on February 28 2020 at 01:03 AM
  • Gauhar Shaikh
    These catholic schools have their own criteria. Despite being in such a secular country such reputed schools select their own cast students Thy hv only made brands of their own names
    on February 28 2020 at 12:58 AM
    TUHIN wrote a review for The Newtown , New Town
    on February 26 2020 at 02:11 PM

Best Residential Schools in Chennai

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  • Chennai Public School (CPS) in Thirumazhisai, Chennai

    CBSE , Day , Residential
    Every generation in the history of the world faces a change towards progress. "Change" is the key note all over the globe today; "Change" modernizes old ideas for the good of human kind. Though this "Change" for a New Age occurs in every generation, it takes a mastermind and a revolutionary force to recognize it. Chennai Public School is that force, masterminding the certain "Change" that you will appreciate!   Chennai Public School is promoted by Kupidisaatham Narayanaswami Educational Trust (KNET) and adminisstered by a Board of Trustees. Today, with more than four thousand students and two hundred faculties under its wing, Chennai Public Group of Schools, are the most sought after new generation schools in Chennai city, growing from strength to strength within a very short span of time since its launch.    We at Chennai Public School, strongly believe that every child is the most powerful seed of a powerful human being. Observing the approach of New Age of learning equips and empower the children of today, we prepare them to meet the challenges of future by imparting holistic learning rich in cultural, social, theoretical and practical knowledge.|Chennai|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE|Day|Residential
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  • Lalaji Memorial Omega International School in Kolapakkam, Chennai

    CBSE , IGCSE , IB , Day , Residential
    Omega International School has been established for the aim of teaching kids, not solely  what they have to achieve the important  world by method of sensible skills, but also to show them the values that they need to cherish and uphold all their lives. This was essential, in our founder Shri P. Rajagopalachari's opinion, if children are to have the wisdom to deal with the world with a sense of balance. Shri P. Rajagopalachari has always felt that knowledge must be accompanied by the wisdom to use that knowledge in the right way. Without this balance, the knowledge can often be destructive, both to the author, and to those for whose 'benefit' it is getting used. |Chennai|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE|IGCSE|IB|Day|Residential
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  • Sri Kanchi Mahaswamy Vidya Mandir School in Rajakilpakkam, Chennai

    Situated in the culturally vibrant city of Chennai, Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Vidya Mandir was started on 4th June 2010, with the kind blessings of their Holinesses Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal and Sri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal, the 69th & 70th peetadhipathis of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam.   This school is the largest vedic-modern educational institution not just in India but around the globe as well.   Inspired by the philosophy of His Holiness, Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Swamigal, the 68th acharya of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, one of the most prominent peetadhipathis, the Vidya Mandir has a single-minded educational goal.   “To prepare it's students to stand head and shoulder above the rest, instilling in them high moral values through Vedic education combined with modern thinking and education. To provide sound physical training and enabling them to develop an ability to nurture creativity.”   The Vidya Mandir has in 1 campus Dr. L. M. Singhvi Veda Patashala and a CBSE school. It offers you a choice of two educational systems: the Vedic + CBSE system, or just the CBSE. There are about 225 students for dual education. The total children strength in 2015 was 850. This year the enrollement is envisaged to reach 1200.   In case, you choose the combination of Vedic + CBSE school, your kid will stay in the beautiful hostel. The hostel has contemporary amenities and provides comfortable and safe environment suitable for studies. This is only for boys. The faculty for the Dr. L. M. Singhvi Veda Patashala live in the campus, facilitating a more intensive interaction between your kid and his Guru, enabling a strong mentoring relationship. This diplicates the gurukula system of ancient times.   The student attends the Veda Patashala early in the morning and evening hours and attend the CBSE School during regular school hours. He will thus experience the unique combination of traditional instruction in a gurukula style and modern education in a typical class room setting. This balance will help him obtain a holistic education that will form a valuable foundation for his future. It will thus train him to face a fast changing world through an informed value based approach to life.   You also have the choice of putting your kid only in the CBSE curriculum. Here, we give priority to kids from the neighbourhood. It will be a non-residential co-ed stream.   At the Vidya Mandir, your kid will enjoy all the modern facilities one can think of to make student life a fulfilling learning experience: An auditorium, a dining hall which can accommodate 600 students at a time, several temples, a gymnasium for physical training, a play ground and a memorial for the Mahaswami of Kanchi, which presides a peaceful environment for the students to reflect.   The campus has a Dr on call for 2 hours Monday to Saturday.   You are invited to visit the school anytime of your convenience. We would be delighted to take you through our institution and facilities. You can fix your visit with a prior appointment by calling us on our contact numbers mentioned in the website.|Chennai|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE|Selaiyur
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  • La Chatelaine Residential Junior College School in Valasaravakkam, Chennai

    La Chatelaine has a tendency to have concepts in a way to raise kids in a manner that they are well-equipped and nurtured to make India a better country. The school trusts their kids, in order to make them trust themselves.Children square measure programmed for expertise, not self destruction kids will follow their own instincts that propel them. Maria Montesorri once said "Staircases square measure their greatest charm, because they need in themselves AN innate tendency to travel upwards".|Chennai|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE
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  • SushilHari International Residential School in Kelambakkam, Chennai

    CBSE , State Board , International , Residential , Montessori
    SushilHari International School provides a unique educational service that is best for students, who want the best education and career opportunities. This school is affiliated to the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) New Delhi from Grade I to X and Tamilnadu State Board for Grade XI and XII. Their CBSE affiliation Number is 1930173.Tamil Nadu State Board curriculum is followed at the Higher Secondary School Grade level with English as the medium of teaching. The student can opt to study any one of the group offered.|Chennai|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE|State Board|International|Residential|Montessori
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  • Loyola International Residential School in Palanchur, Chennai

    Loyola universal Residential School was established by Rev. Fr. Dr. J.E. Arulraj and is controlled by the Society of MMI Fathers, a catholic assemblage known for its benevolent administration through instructive foundations. With a specific end goal to manage and exhort on school matters and its development, the Board is guided by the profoundly experiencededucationists and experts. The Board meets occasionally and talks about general advancement of the school and chalks out systems to meet the developing requests of the time.|Chennai|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE
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  • Guru Shri Shanthivijay Jain Gurukul School in Nallur, Chennai

    CBSE , Residential
    An International Residential School, with CBSE Curriculum in light of the Outskirts of Chennai to confer all encompassing instruction with hey tech approach!    OUR STRENGTHS    We are spread in 16 sections of land far from the city's buzz. We live in wonderful structures with outside air around and encounter the nature consistently in and out.  We have learning focuses with plentiful learning hardware and models with world class learning materials like learning cards , ebooks, sound and video books at global measures.  We learn by doing and furthermore through innovation. Our book is our tablet. Notices make it straightforward. Our savvy synchronize classes enable us to learn ideas to better.  We compose our self assessments easily and our masters are there dependably to enable us to learn with clearness, which influences us to understand our self , and upgrades self-control  We do take part in all our scholarly ,human sciences, formative exercises and our grounds living winds up noticeably charming with exercises that are including, intelligent, fascinating, inventive, and request based.  Our day begins with yoga and running classes, experience scholastics, go through games , gives true serenity with esteem and otherworldly classes, improves identity with initiative work, have adequate encounters, experimentation, looking at with basic personality, investigating nature, advancing our self realization, stressing interest in each movement and closures with unwinding state of mind with perusing a work of art.|Chennai|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE|Residential
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  • Crescent School in Vandalur, Chennai

    IGCSE , State Board , Residential
    Sickle School endeavors to empower and empower each understudy to build up his maximum capacity by giving an astounding fortifying learning background and a situation including an extensive variety of important exercises.    Its uniqueness lies in its trademark mixing of scholastic perfection with a religious environment which shape the direct and character of the understudy group. The school truly trusts that the inside and out improvement of the identity of each youngster therefore created will empower him to serve the mankind everywhere and the group, society and the country, specifically.|Chennai|SchoolAdmissions|IGCSE|State Board|Residential|Vandalur
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  • St. Joseph's Residential School in Sriperumbudur, Chennai

    CBSE , Day , Convent
    Harnessing the gains of Scientific advancement towards betterment of youth in their pursuit to equip the mind, body and soul through qualitative Education, Scientific Experimentation towards forming right values to realize personal perfection. By cultivating the proper perspective, students ar target-hunting to a disciplined life with a powerful urge to realize educational Excellence, to develop right attitudes victimization advanced technologies to strike a balance between international harmony & human welfare.|Chennai|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE|Day|Convent
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  • Narayana Olympiad School in Vepery, Chennai

    CBSE , New Age
    From residential schools to professional colleges and coaching centres across the globe today, Dr. P. Narayana’s institutional envoy is reconstructing conventional and categorized education into an interdisciplinary confluence for the best scholastic and non-scholastic personality development. The Narayana Group has assembled reputation for being one of the most favourite educational destinations for securing top ranks in various competitive examinations at state, national and international levels. Driven by the ambition to create young and dynamic individuals every year, the institution founded by Dr. Narayana is engraving strong impressions in the records of India’s progress in education.|Chennai|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE|New Age
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