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  • Gauhar Shaikh
    These catholic schools have their own criteria. Despite being in such a secular country such reputed schools select their own cast students Thy hv only made brands of their own names The princpl...
    on February 28 2020 at 01:03 AM
  • Gauhar Shaikh
    These catholic schools have their own criteria. Despite being in such a secular country such reputed schools select their own cast students Thy hv only made brands of their own names
    on February 28 2020 at 12:58 AM
    TUHIN wrote a review for The Newtown , New Town
    on February 26 2020 at 02:11 PM

Best IB Schools in Chennai

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  • Amrita vidhyala in Ramapuram, Chennai


    Amrita Vidyalayams’ vision is to instil in our students a strong sense of our cultural and spiritual values, along with imparting the best in modern scientific education.

    We provide a rich learning environment where students can excel fearlessly in all facets of their personality – physical, mental, intellectual and aesthetic. This foundation will enable self-fulfilment of their professional, personal, family and social lives.

    While maintaining the traditional values of the Guru-Shishya Parampara, we have created a path-breaking paradigm in school education. We aim to meet the needs, hopes and dreams of the children of the 21st century, by harnessing to the greatest extent possible, all that present day cutting edge educational and information technologies offer.

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  • Visaka International School in Valasaravakkam, Chennai

    Our vision is to become one of the leading premier educational institutions that is innovative and purpose-driven in order to equip and empower our students with the skills, knowledge and attitude that is necessary for them to become competitive, successful and highly productive global citizens of the future.
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  • Heguru right brain development India pvt ltd in Tnagar, Chennai

    Heguru Chennai is a Japan based preschool in Chennai. The teaching methodologies and tools used in our right brain education significantly improve focus, boost creativity, instil problem-solving capability and photographic memory. The teaching methodologies and tools used in right brain education significantly improve focus, boost creativity, instil problem-solving capability and photographic memory. Right brain education is suitable for all children, babies and toddlers up to age 8 years.|Chennai|Hindi|PKG|LKG|UKG|1st|2nd|3rd|4th|5th|Day|Habibullah Road,Hindi Prachar Sabha,North Thyagarayanagar,Panagal Park,Thayagaranagar H O,Thyagarayanagar South,Usman Road
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  • Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education International School in kelambakkam, Chennai

    We seek to build compassionate and responsible global citizens who contribute to a peaceful and sustainable future. With awareness that we are interconnected, we aim to shift the focus from “I” the individual, to “we” the peers, to “us” the community and ultimately to “ours” the world we share.

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  • Aadhithya International Public Schools in Kattupakkam, Chennai

    CBSE , Day


    The Aadhithya School Campus is spread across 12 Grounds in Kattupakkam with spacious classrooms, play areas, hi-tech laboratories, basketball and football courts, pantry, conference hall, Assembly area and a lot more.


    Our School Library has an enormous collection of books ranging from Literature, Science, Philosophy, Architecture and Storybooks for kids and Novels and many more.


    We have well-equipped and sophisticated laboratories for imparting practical knowledge in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


    Arts and crafts, music, dance and drama, indoor and outdoor sports, early science and discovery, skating etc.

    |Chennai|SchoolAdmissions|PKG|LKG|UKG|1st|2nd|3rd|4th|5th|CBSE|Day|Poonamallee,Poonamallee East
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  • Sara Pre School in Chromepet, Chennai


    SARA PRE-SCHOOL provides education to kids with emphasis on freedom of movement, individualized instruction and meaningful
    physical exercises. The school plays the role of a threshold for primary level of education with the sole objective of stimulating the
    capability of comprehension and reflexes and ability to communicate without inhibition.All the activities and events are fun filling with
    learning becoming an interesting, enjoyable and amusing experience for each child. Schooling is enhanced by Music, dance, storytelling,
    outdoor and indoor games, sand play, swimming pool, puppet theatre, free and organized play. Each activity is organized with an eye on
    physical coordination, team spirit and motor skills. Celebration of national festivals, religious festivals and events like Color day,
    Grandparents day, Annual Day, Sports day, fancy dress and field trips are all incorporated to add fun to their schooling.

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  • The Shri Ram Universal School in SPR City, Chennai

    CBSE , Day , New Age
    The Shri Ram Universal School, Chennai in collaboration with Shri Educare Limited (SEL) adapts the value system, teaching methodology and best practices of The Shri Ram School, Delhi and Gurgaon. Located in SPR City, the school is nestled amidst open greenery and world-class residences providing a serene and conducive environment for learning.


    We at The Shri Ram Universal School believe in the individuality and unique identity of each child, and our educational philosophy is emphatic about providing a child-centric education through a unique curriculum that lets our children discover their own special light at their own pace. The focus is on creating awareness in students and providing them with the experiences that they could apply to real-life situations.


    A ‘Happy School’ can contribute significantly in creating responsible and caring human beings. We have created an environment that “fosters a global outlook” yet retains the rich Indian cultural heritage and values. We are open for admissions from Nursery to Grade VI for batch 2020-2021 We invite you to become a part of your child’s exciting and enriching journey at TSUS, Chennai.

    |Chennai|SchoolAdmissions|CBSE|Day|New Age
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  • Remo International school in Alundur, Chennai

    Why REMO? Imagine. Believe. Success Your goal? To give your child the best possible start in life. Ours? To bring you the best possible Fun Learning, all thoughtfully designed to help you nurture your child’s. Nurture all learners' aspect to leading prospect Highly Potential teachers, focussed on improving student outcomes, through their commitment to on-going professional development, quality teaching, evidence based practices, coaching and mentoring and collaboration Giving students what they need, not necessarily equally, to meet their learning and well-being requirements. Raising the achievement of all students Opportunities for community and parents to participate in learning and decision making partnerships.


    Remo will guide all students in planning for their progress both during and after high school. All students will complete an educational program that meets the requirements for admission to an college or university. While students’ choices will vary, we will prepare students to pursue both a career direction and continued education. All members of our community will work together to realize this vision in an atmosphere of mutual respect where the contributions of all are valued.


    |Chennai|SchoolAdmissions|PKG|ICSE|Alandur,Butt Road,St Thomas Mount H O,Tiruvaluvar Nagar
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  • Grassroots Global School in Lynwood Ave, Chennai

    Grassroots School was born of the synergistic idea of 4 women from different walks of life but having the same goal - providing quality education in a caring and non-threatening environment. Grassroots was established in 2011 as a Reggio inspired school, with its focus on holistic education provided within an inclusive set-up. This first-of-a-kind inclusive school, with an international curriculum was founded because they saw the need for change in the current educational system in Chennai.

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  • Kavi Bharathi Vidyalaya School in Thiruvottiyur, Chennai

    Kavi Bharathi Vidyalaya, a CBSE affiliated school with a difference is a unit of ‘Mahamayee Ammal Thangappa Nadar Educational Trust’, which has the following other units:   Avvai Kalai Kazhagam, a unit that provides skill development for ladies Avvai Kappagam, a school for special children. It specializes in early intervention programme and renders service to 62 children of the age group 0 to 14 years Avvai Nunnarivagam, a public library Ramanujan Museum & Math Education Centre that houses the only private museum of our greatest mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan

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