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School Admission Admission in Kilpauk

Can you pl help for my son admission required in LKG in and around puraswalkam/ kilpauk area

Fun for kids is limited to cartoons and video games these days. Numerous cartoon channels are available for kids to choose from, not to forget the regional language cartoon channels. The amount of time kids spends on these channels influence their behavior to a great extent. They ape their favorite characters and their actions speak a lot about how much they are addicted to these cartoons.  Due to the environment in which the cartoons are set up, the audio-visual effects and the color scheme, children tend towards cartoons more than watching educational videos. The effects of cartoons on children cannot always be termed as a negative influence there are proven scientific research that says children do learn from cartoons , the ability of them to reproduce the behavior of the characters and recall the words from their favorite show tell us the cognitive ability of the child. It is now with the parents to act on educating their child the consequence of their action from a cartoon show

C V Karthik Chander on August 17 2016 at 10:15 AM in Schooling
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