Career Assessment

Choosing the right subjects or career for your child is herculean task for parents, with numerous choices available parents struggle to help their kids take the right decision. In an effort to help parents guide their children to choose the best stream after 10th/ explore the career opportunities after 12th, identify their strength and weakness and avail the best resources for the right career path, SchoolConnects in collaboration with Future Captains brings to you a simple hassle free, online career counseling for your child.

Why Career Couselling for Students

    • Identify what’s the right career choice
    • Know the choices available
    • Choose best academic stream to pursue your choice
    • Identify your strengths, weakness and goals
    • Know your skills and plan to upskill.
    • A decision based on what you will excel than force yourself to excel.



Class 9-10

Identify individual strength and weakness and choose stream of study to pursue after 10th.

Class 11-12

Focused Career upgrade and individual orientation on mentorship and career growth motivation


Choose between 2 simple plans, register your details and the experts will assist you over phone calls, emails, online tests and a face to face counseling based on your choice.



Discover Your Best Fit

Learn & Engage
Access to Create Portfolio     Create you your personal profile , Feature your achievements and highlight your skills.
Access to Career Guidance Materials     Get detail Career option booklet.
Stream / Career assessment report     Get a detailed 20 page report on what stream you should choose and what stream is ideal for your personality.
Thinking Styles Assessment,
Thinking Strengths (IQ)
Assessment,English Assessment
    Individual reports on your thinking style and capability , assessing your strength, weakness and your individual skills.
Orientation Call     30 min call to help you understand your Stream and Career Assessment results.
Email / Whatsapp Support     3 months unlimited support on Stream / Career related queries.
Face to Face Career Coaching     One to One Career Face to Face Or on Skype.
Actual Cost
700 2500  
School Connect Price (INR)
(+18% GST)
(+18% GST)
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* Additional Guidance and Internship can be available for additional Cost.


Our Experts


Mrs.PadminiJanardhanan (PJ) is passionate about career guidance, career counseling and creating psychometric assessments. FutureCaptains is honored to have such a veteran on board and she will be our mentor and sounding board for all the progressive initiatives taken for students' career development. For a career spanning more than four decades, PJ has been facilitating personal effectiveness through training programmes, consultancy, mentoring and counseling in corporate and educational institutions. PJ is passionate about career guidance, career counseling and creating psychometric assessments. FutureCaptains is honored to have such a veteran on board and she will be our mentor and sounding board for all the progressive initiatives taken for student's career development.

Ms.Arthy Sriram

Arthy Sriram is a Post Graduate in Psychology from JBAS College, Chennai. She is a Basic Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming certified by NFNLP, U S A. She is a Transactional Analysis - TA 101 certified by ITAA, U S A. practitioner.  She is specialized in school counseling. She is trained in career profiling and career counseling. She is currently a visiting counselor in a reputed school in Chennai and in house counselor of a leading IT company in Chennai. She has conducted many sessions to incorporate Team building and stress management.  She is currently the Treasurer of Chennai Counselors Foundation. She has a great passion for working with family and child development. She answers to the questions of the students in the Wise Counsel of HINDU Students Edition paper.

Ms.Vasanthi Ananthanarayanan

A psychological counselor with experience in counseling students and young adults.Specialist in the field of education for more than 30 years in areas of teaching, training & mentoring students and teachers.A versatile person in other fields like Art, Cooking,and Writing.

Mr.Siva Kumar

30+yrs exp across Manufacturing, Servicing, IT, ITES, Hospitality Industries. Holding senior position in Human Resources / Learning & Development functions.Inaddition, handling IT as well as Operations Currently an Independent Behavioral Trainer / Mentor / Facilitator / Career Counsellor across Corporates, Campuses & Student Community. Associated with Business Line &The Hindu in their effort to develop the student community. Graduate in Eng.Lit. Post Graduate in HR / L&D. Certified in Thomas Profiling. Certified in NLP.

Q. What happens after purchasing the assesment.
A - Step 1 : Buy the appropriate assessment plan on this page. You will receive an confirmation email with the code to access the plan.
Step 2: Take the test and get a detailed assessment report for you based on the test.
Step 3 : An orientation call detailing your results from the assessment team.
Step 4 : Based on the package chosen have a face to face / skype counselling with experts
Q. There are so many online self-assessment tools free why pay and do this?
A - Free assessments don't have any accountability. It's like free health camps, we will only be told what we are, but we also need to know if it is correct and will it help us to achieve our goals. Also, assessments are system driven. The results are based on what the person enters. So we need to have multiple layers to validate the outcome of the report and the observed personality of the candidate. For this, a free assessment cannot help. Any assessment should be backed by debriefing and a support system where some of the queries should be answered. Above all is data security. When one takes free assessment the candidates name, id and personality details are exposed to the whole world. However, with us, your data is secured because we don't sell customer data.
Q. What’s the guarantee that I will find the right job based on my skills?
A - Online assessment is just a first step to a career decision. No assessments can be 100% accurate and at FutureCaptains we are very mindful about it. Post the test, one needs to take up further session with a career coach to get more clarity. FutureCaptains can help you achieve the highest clarity in your career decision. You can reach out to us for more details on the same.
Q. What value added service do you provide?
A - We provide the following value-added services 1. Portfolio Building Services 2. Expert Mentoring 3. Externships / Internships Assistance 4. Webinars 5. 1-2-1 Behavioural Coaching
Q. Do you have a template for the eportfolio?
A - The E-Portfolio is available online once you register, you have access to it. For more details, you can check our website
Q. Can I get internships or externships without the assessment or counseling?
A - Yes, you can, but it will be ideal if you go through the sequence from the beginning as with the assessment report and counseling report so that it will be easier to get you the right externship or internship that’s meant for your skill and aptitude.



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