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Cyclofun - Season 4 - 2019


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  • September 29 2019 5:00 AM - September 29 2019 11:00 AM ((GMT+05:30) Calcutta)
  • Guindy
  • Anna University, Kotturpuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (View Map)
  • A fun Sunday morning.. A family bonding day.... An event for kids to have fun!
    An initiative of Madras Esplanade Round Table 30 and Madras Esplanade Ladies Circle 100, to raise funds for their various projects - from education to women empowerment, from lending a helping hand to the under privileged to building classrooms for the deserving.
    An action packed event planned, it promises much more than it states. While children of age group 5 yrs upward get to experience the thrill of riding in a safe environment, adults also have an opportunity to ride 30 km and be a proud finisher.
    2 KM (5-7 yrs)  (parent & child)
    Event Time:
    9:30 AM-10:00 AM
    Reporting Time: 9:00 am
    4 KM (5-7 Yrs)
    Event Time:
    8:30 AM-9:20 AM
    Reporting Time: 8:00 AM
    6 KM (8-11 Yrs)
    Event Time:
    6:15 AM-7:00 AM
    Reporting Time: 6:00 AM
    12 KM (12-17 YRS)
    Event Time:
    7:15 Am- 8:15 Am
    Reporting Time :6:45 AM
    30 KM (18 yrs & Above)
    Event Time:
    5.15 AM-6:45 AM
    Reporting Time: 5:00 AM
    Safety Guidelines:
    -Safety must be the single most important aspect of the ride observed by all riders. --You are responsible for your own safety.
    -Ensure that your bike is in a good and safe-to-ride condition.
    -Use of Helmet is mandatory at all times during the ride
    (No Helmet No Ride!)

    General Guidelines:
    -Respect the rights of other riders on the track.
    -Never ride aggressively among other riders.
    -This is not a race and there are no rewards / recognition for early finishers, so ride at your comfortable pace.
    -Allow plenty of room when passing pedestrians, cycles or other vehicles.
    -Signal your intentions when stopping, turning or passing using arm signals and voice commands such as "Stopping!",
    -Stay calm and focused on the track. Let others know if you see something unsafe
    -Protective eye wear is recommended
    -Fullsleeve Jersey is better suited for this ride
    -Keep adequate water to support during the ride.

    -Line up at the starting line when the track is clear and notified by the Event director
    -Participants must strictly adhere to the timeline given above.
    -Participants will be disqualified if found involved in any malpractice.
    -For safety reasons, the Event Director / Marshal reserve the right to stop the race at any point. The event may be resumed depending on the situation.
    -The ride distance may be reduced due to unavoidable reasons.
    -In the event, the participant is lapped out by the lead group, the participant can continue to ride in the event.
    -Ride through the finish line and continue riding in the same direction so as not to interfere with riders finishing behind.
    -Riders shall not approach the officials for information on individual timings / positions. THIS IS NOT A RACE
    -The decision of the Event Director is final and shall be binding on all participants.
    -Follow the rules and ride in the spirit of friendly competition.
    -An indemnity MUST be signed before start of the event.
    2 KM / 5-7 Yrs / Parent Child Category (Parent Without Cycle)
    2 KM / 5-7 Yrs / Parent Child Category (Child Without Cycle)
    4 KM / 5-7 Yrs (Without Cycle)
    6 KM / 8-11 Yrs (With Cycle)
    30 KM / 18 Yrs+ (With Cycle)
    2 KM / 5-7 Yrs / Parent Child Category (Parent With Cycle)
    2 KM / 5-7 Yrs / Parent Child Category (Child With Cycle)
    4 KM / 5-7 Yrs (With Cycle)
    6 KM / 8-11 Yrs (Without Cycle)
    12 KM / 12 -17 Yrs (Without Cycle)
    12 KM / 12 -17 Yrs (With Cycle)
    30 KM / 18 Yrs+ (Without Cycle)
  • schoolconnects@gmail.com
  • 9840251903
  • http://www.cyclofun.com/
  • Team School Connects
  • 2019-09-28
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