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5 thKCA INTERNATIONAL FIDE RATED OPEN CHESS TOURNAMENT - Chess Contest Event in West Tambaram Chennai

Chess Contest Information

  • Public
  • September 22 2019 2:00 PM - September 27 2019 5:00 PM ((GMT+05:30) Calcutta)
  • West Tambaram
  • Annie Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Madanapuram,West Tambaram, Chennai (View Map)
  • System of Play :The Latest FIDE Rules in force shall apply and the Swiss system will be followed.
    Time Control Open : 90 minutes each plus 30 seconds i ncrement per move from move no 1.
    Below 1600: 30 minutes each plus 30 seconds i ncrement per move from move no 1.
    Tie break : Buchhol z tie-break system will be applied. In case of tie, prizes will not be shared.
    AICF R egistration : AICF registration is compulsory. AICF Registration fee is Rs. 250/- for the
    year 2019-2020. As per latest AICF regul ation dated 31.07.2017, it is informed that from 01
    September, 2017 al l AICF registrations wil l be accepted only through online. Players / Ar biters
    registr ation should be done wel l before the start of event (Tournament). New entrants to the field
    of chess are informed that AICF players registration is mandatory and it should be done well
    before participating in any tournament. For renewing AICF reg istration of existing pl ayers, please
    click http://aicf.in/players/For fresh AIC F registration please cl ick http://aicf.in/online-pl ayerregistration/ For fresh AICF registration, players are requested to keep their scanned passport
    size photograph and birth certificate and a val id email addr ess (unique) not used by any other
    person/ player for AICF, ready before the registration process.
    Note : Only passpor t size (less than 1MB) photographs in jpeg format should be uploaded
    TNSCA Registration : TNSCA r egistration i s compulsory for all Tamil Nadu players. TNSCA
    Registr ation fee is Rs. 150/- for the year 2019-2020. Players registeri ng with TNSCA should
    submit duly filled and signed TNSCA Players Reg istration for m along with a copy of their Date
    of Birth certificate and one passport size photograph. Those who have already paid the same
    must attach/ show the proof for that, fail ing which they will have to pay the registration fee.
    Kanchi DCA Registration: Kanchi DCA registration is compulsory for Kanchipuram players.
    The reg istration fee Rs.100/- for the year 2019-20
    Chess Sets: Players are requested to bring their own International Chess set (and chess clock if, any)
    Protests: Protests if any, ag ainst the decision of the Chief Arbiter shall be made in writi ng with
    protest fee of Rs.500/- withi n 15 minutes of the occurr ence of the inci dent to the appeals
    committee. The protest fee will be refunded if the appeal is upheld.
    Appeals Committ ee: Before the commencement of the Tournament, appeals committee will
    be formed from the senior partici pants present at the player s meeting.. The appeals committee
    decisions will be final and binding on all players concerned.
    W ithdrawals: A player may withdraw at any stage of the event, after informing the chief arbiter
    in writing
    Rights of admission: The AICF/TNSCA /Kanchi DCA / organizer Kanchi Chess Academy
    reserves the right to admit / reject any entry without assigning any reason thereof.
    The AIC F/TNSCA /Kanchi DCA / or ganizer Kanchi Chess Academy reserves the right of right
    of admission to the venue and lodging place.
    Lodging : Player are requested to make their own loading arrangements.
    Certificate : Partici pation certi ficates will be awarded to all participants.
    W rist wat ches : AICF has banned the wrist watches whil e playi ng in FIDE Rated events.
    Players are instructed not to wear wrist watches while playing.
    Eligibility for below 1600 : Only Pl ayers who have not crossed the FIDE ELO rating of 1600
    for the past 36 months can parti cipate.
    Under 8 Boys And Girls
    Under 10 Boys And Girls
    Under 12 Boys And Girls
    Under 14 Boys And Girls
    Under 18 Boys And Girls
    For Both The Tournaments
  • kanchichessacademy@gmail.com
  • 9842396332
  • https://www.facebook.com/kanchichessacademy/
  • Team Kanchi Chess Academy "KCA"
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  • 2019-09-16
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About Organizer

Kanchi Chess Academy "KCA"

In the arena of indoor games! Chess Reigns supreme King. Chess is a game that promotes logical inference, hones the reasoning, improves the memory and concentration besides rational thinking. The more depth a player goes into it, more hidden treasures are discovered. History says Chess originated in India around 16th century and we regained the glory when Shri.V.Anand Super Grand Master of India conquered the world crown. Ever since he wore the crown, Indian Chess has entered into a new phase and moving in a great pace producing more Grandmasters, Grand Women Masters, International Masters and International Women Masters. Our count of GM, WGM, WIM & IM keeps growing. The dominance of the Indian Chess Players in the world arena continues…and will go on for ever….

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