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Cosmic Jaunt 2020- Astronomy & Space science summer camp - STEM Camp Event in Online AllIndia

STEM Camp Information

  • Public
  • May 25 2020 - June 26 2020 ((GMT+05:30) Calcutta)
  • Online
  • India (View Map)
  • 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th
  • COSMIC JAUNT 2020- We welcome you to join hands with us this summer, in our quest to foster an interest in STEM in all the children. Explore the universe with us this summer for 5 days by hanging out with Astrophysicists and passionate Astronomers. This year, we are introducing our VIRTUAL CAMP.

    Batch1: JUNIOR (1st to 3rd) - 10:30 am to 11 : 45 am
    1. Meet the Sun’s Family
    2. Go away, the shadow monster
    3. Zoom!! Goes the Space Shuttle
    4. Moon, moon, when will you be full again?
    5. Digging all the way to center of earth

    Batch 2: MIDDLE (4th to 6th) - 12:45 pm to 02:00 pm

    1. Hubble Space Telescope-Celebrating 30 years
    2. Know your sky-App based astronomy
    3. Zodiac constellations-Along the path of sun
    4. Galaxy-City of stars
    5. Topography- Mapping the surface of celestial bodies

    Batch 3: SENIORS (7th to 9th) - 04:00 pm to 5:15 pm

    1.International Space Station-A home for Astronauts
    2.Planning night sky observation
    3.Tracking time through Sundial
    4.Truss-Smart structures in Space
    5.Space Topography- Measuring the height and depth

    You can opt for any one of the following weeks:

    1.MAY- 25th to 29th
    2.JUNE- 1st to 5th
    3.JUNE - 8th to 12th
    4.JUNE - 15th to 19th
    5.JUNE - 22nd to 26th
    Engagement Terms :
    •  Once registered we cannot cancel your registration. Participants are entitled   to transfer registrations to friends.
    •  Registration not available for single session. 5 day package mandatory.
    •  Siblings discount will be offered by 20%.
    •  1 participant per ticket applicable.
    •  DIY materials list will be sent 1 week prior to the sessions.
    Registration Fee
  • hello@stemandspace.com
  • 8505955551 / 2
  • http://www.stemandspace.com/cj/
  • Team STEM & Space
  • 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13
  • 2020-06-21
  • Camp
  • Online or Digital
  • Scheduled

About Organizer

STEM & Space

STEM & Space is an educational firm focussing on integrating STEM principles through the wonders of space and astronomy.

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