Specialization Course in Photography

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  • 1st Floor, 15, Third Street, Parameswari Nagar, Adyar, Chennai - 600 020.
  • http://www.lifeandart.in
  • Once the students have a clear understanding of the art of photography, they can now opt to specialize in any particular genre and take that up as their line of profession. The specializations that we offer are: Food Photography, Fashion Photography, Nature Photography, Wildlife Photography, Jewellery Photography, Creative Photography and Product Photography.
  • 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17
  • Co-Ed
  • Food Photography :
    Food photography is one of the most popular genres sought out in the industry today. We will teach you how best to capture food and drinks in an attractive and appealing way. They will be taught to understand the client’s requirement and know how to match the art director’s brief with their photographs. There are many techniques and tricks involved while shooting different food items. Students will be taught how to enhance colours, basics of food styling, positioning of props, handling steam, digital editing and basically how to make anything look delicious. Course fee: Rs. 35,000/- Course duration: 8 weeks; 16 weekend sessions
    Jewellery photography :
    Jewellery photography is a niche field and can be quite challenging because of the complexity of the subject. we train students how to control lighting to the photographer’s favour while shooting jewellery. Students will gain an in-depth understanding on topics ranging from positioning the jewellery, diffused lighting, white balance, using natural lighting to their best advantage to bring out the true colours, controlling reflections, and shadows.Course fee: Rs. 35,000/- Course duration: 8 weeks; 16 weekend sessions
    Fashion Photography :
    Fashion photography course will present a deeper understanding of people photography to the students. They will be introduced to the different aspects of a fashion shoot – make-up, styling, model selection and direction, outfit selection and fitting, in-studio or outdoor location recce, lighting techniques and digital editing. They would be trained to know the most flattering angles to capture their model,how to highlight their best features, how to control lighting to make the subject look attractive, capturing different emotions, knowing how to showcase colours, textures, fabrics etc. They will also be introduced to the basics of makeup and how it can be used to the photographer’s advantage. Course fee: Rs. 45,000/- Course duration: 8 weeks; 16 weekend sessions
    Product Photography :
    We train students to become experts at table-top and product photography. They are taught how to handle products of different sizes, shapes, textures, colour etc. The challenge in this area of specialization is that you have to bring out the life and beauty in any type of product. Unlike people photography, products cannot emote, and it is the photographer’s job to make even a dull product seem attractive.Students are taught the different techniques involved in both indoor studio shoots and outdoor locations, controlling lighting, clicking white background images, conveying softness and other textures through their pictures, how to aesthetically position their products and direct all efforts towards getting the best pictures. Course fee: Rs. 35,000/- Course duration: 8 weeks; 16 weekend sessions
    Creative Photography :
    This multidimensional course teaches students how to capture their subjects – be it products, people, scenery, landscapes, candid etc., in their own unique and different way. They are encouraged to play with their instincts as they learn and together we discover newer ways to present the old. The course is beneficial especially for those students who have a natural flair to think and visualize things with a creative angle. Through the course, students will be presented with different techniques and subjects to hone and develop their creative eye. Course fee: Rs. 35,000/- Course duration: 8 weeks; 16 weekend sessions
    Nature Photography :
    In this specialization, students are taught to appreciate and capture the natural beauty around us. They are introduced to the different types of subjects that they would encounter – mountainous landscapes, hillsides, greenery, flowers, animals and insects. Students would be taken on a field trip to an outstation location where nature’s abundance can be truly observed and captured through the lens. They would be taught the technique to capture water bodies and rain. Course fee: Rs. 35,000/- + cost of field trip ; Course duration: 8 weeks; 16 weekend sessions + field trip
    Wildlife Photography :
    This course involves both theory and practical components, where students are taught how to prepare themselves for the field, approaching a subject, using natural lighting to their advantage, using artificial lighting and much more. The practical component of the course will include a field trip to a wildlife sanctuary where students will be mentored on how to click the best shots in the wilderness. The course trains the students to look at the world around them differently – right from finding subjects for wildlife photography in their backyard, parks and in the city too. The course is designed to provide students the knowledge and training to transform into successful wildlife photographers. Course fee: Rs. 35,000/- + cost of field trip ; Course duration: 8 weeks; 16 weekend sessions + field trip
    Grading Structure :
    Grade A – Excellent understanding and application of course content Grade B – Good understanding and application of course content Grade C – Good understanding of course content and displays scope for improvement in application