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  • General cooking courses cover a wide range of topics and range in length from just a few short units, to more comprehensive courses that can be followed over several weeks or even months. It's all up to you and your schedule. These courses are included in our general membership plan.
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  • Plant-Based Cooking: An Introduction
    As kids, we’re told to eat our veggies as an important part of a healthy lifestyle. But what about quality and taste? Don’t panic. Take a step back and look at the big picture of cooking and health. This course will guide you through essential techniques and ingredients to help you incorporate more high-quality and surprisingly delicious plant-based dishes into your life.
    Knife Skills
    Start chopping! Learning to use a knife will radically change your kitchen experience and your health. The more comfortable you are cutting food, the more you will cut. The more you cut, the more you cook. The more you cook, the better you feel, so get chopping and change your life.
    How to Cook & Make Pasta
    Cooking pasta does not have to mean dumping noodles into water with powdered cheese! Pasta can be light, delicate and incredibly flavorful. Learn how to appreciate, and create, high-quality pasta dishes and sauces that will rival your and exceed the quality found in many to