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  • Green Garden Centre for Handwriting Shop No-46, Sri Sai Complex, Opp. Avila Convent, 147 Thadagam Road, Venkitapuram, Coimbatore 25.
  • http://greenhandwriting.com/
  • The founder of Green Garden, as an English teacher in the Higher Secondary School in the year 1980, noticed the English Cursive writing of school students to be illegible. Out of his own interest, he started studying and analyzing the essential components of handwriting and evolved an effective system of changing it into a beautiful handwriting by removing some of the unwanted features in the shape of cursive alphabets (small letters) and introducing more curved features avoiding strokes with cuttings.>
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    Handwriting is a life skill. It needs to be practiced and requires technique. It has to be taught explicitly. Green Garden helps the children learn handwriting in a scientific way and pave the foundation for good handwriting with a system tested and tried successfully with over 25,000 students in 30 schools every year.