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Why should the kids start preparing for competitive exams from young age?

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Competitive exams help to identify the student’s competence and ability that is necessary to survive better in this modern competitive world. They encourage the students to strive for better and deeper knowledge of scientific facts in order to enrich their reasoning, analytical and problem-solving abilities. They also bring out the areas where they lack competence so that a proper training can be given to improve in that area. Hence as parents, we should encourage them to participate in various national and international-level competitive exams.


In this modern world, there are various exams conducted by govt or private bodies for students right from Grade 1. Olympiads, NTSE, NMTC etc are some of them.




1. They build self-confidence and sharpen skills which will make them stand out from other students.

2. Competitive exams develop the skill of understanding and application of concepts. This would be helpful when they appear for exams like JEE, NEET, Civil Service and many others later.

3. These exams develop logical and analytical thinking and lay a strong foundation for the careers they choose. 

4. They open up the world of opportunities. Foreign universities give special preference to students who have performed well in such competitive exams. Few colleges have reserved seats for such scholars.

5.  The rewards and scholarships provided by these exams not only provide financial assistance but also helps for further studies and provides morale boost to move ahead in future.


Here are some quick and easy tips to perform well in competitive exams:


1. Know and understand the syllabus completely

2. Stick to a proper schedule while preparing for such exams

3. Understanding the concepts is the key

4. Practise previous year question papers

5. Learn new English words every day and solve puzzles to develop quick thinking.


It is just a myth that focussing on these exams can hamper regular studies. In fact, participating in competitive exams at state level or all India level where students from different schools across the country helps them to boost up their confidence and give them a chance to grow academically and mentally. An early step towards that will definitely contribute towards the journey of success.

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