Why Encourage Children To Dream Big?

As parents, we have high aspirations for our children. We hope that they grow up well, be successful in life and raise a wonderful family of their own someday. Yet, don’t you think we have failed to acknowledge that there’s more than one pathway to define success?

When every child is unique, with their special make-up of strengths and passion, why do we restrict them to a single path of success? Do they not get to dream and choose their own direction? Being parents,it’s high time webreak down these stereotypes and take up a responsibility together byensuringour kids dream.


Dreams are often the bigger picture of things we want to either experience or enjoy in life.They secure a child’s focus on the higher visions of life and let them think beyond their current reality. Sometimes, dreamscaneven empower children to change that reality.This is reason enough to encourage kids todream.

Moreover, children are natural dreamers and only see optimism and countless possibilities ahead of them. Unlike adults, they aren’t hindered by standard limitations and constraints.It is easy to dismiss a child’s dream as being silly or unrealistic. Still, dreams are what that differentiates the great from the ordinary.

There are no limits to one’s dream; every person in history who’s achieved anything unrealistic was able to deeply envision their dreams before it became their reality.Just because your child’s dream runs in the opposite direction of societal norms, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.


Even though you’re a parent now, when you were a kid you dreamt about the future. Your parents might have supported your dreams or guided you to pursue a practical path instead. Whatever may have been the case, you don’t have to be the one holding back your children today. You can simply sway your children to dream big and dream right http://bit.ly/dream-design.

As adults, we perceive things differently than kids, but when we approach a conversation with an open mind and encouraging tone, we are introduced to a whole new world.With odds stacked against them, dreaming as a family helps kids look beyond themselves, and master a great skill of working as a team.

Not just that, help your kids see the variety of dreams that they can envision and achieve. Let them know that you support and value their dreams. Show them that everything is possible with hard work and tenacity.

Stay by their side as they break down barriers and confront insurmountable goals. Make them believe with a lifetime ahead of them anything is possible.Your belief in their dreams will help them get past the potential fear of failure and stumbling blocks that pop up along the way.


Thinking big is great but conquering them calls for a plan. Brainstorm ideas with your child that will get them closer to fulfilling their dreams and put them in the logical order of progression.Do field researches together and ask your child to devise a more specific plan to measures their own capabilities.

Once your kid has set goals and worked out a plan to achieve it, you take on the role of his/her loyal advisor. For kids, parents are their sole source of inspiration, motivation, and support system. Mentoring can be a powerful tool to help young people find the next step towards their desires.Evaluate their progress based on their personal goals alone, without comparing with others. Your children will surely thank you for it later.

Make sure they realize that they can follow their dreams, however big and insane they are. Even if they ultimately don’t achieve it, the most important thing is that they’re dreaming. The independence and confidence they gain from identifying and pursuing their dream is invaluable.

Summary: DREAM BIG CONTEST ( http://bit.ly/dream-design ) Realizing a child’s ability to dream beyond the clouds, School Connects in collaboration with Classmate held a contest, DREAM BIG, where they invited kids between ages 5 and 15 to take part. The rules were simple. They had to think about what they wanted to be when they grew up, sketch those plans on paper and send it to us. In a span of two weeks, we received more than 75 entries from across the nation and their aspirations did leave us pleasantly surprised. Many of their entries were largely centered on saving the earth and the people living on it. When a child’s heart is in the right place, then, who’s to say that dreams are a fool’s errand?

Posted in Parenting on May 22 2019 at 11:09 AM

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