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Who can get admission in Ph.D?

The field of Management brings the strategy of management and overseeing subordinates or other employees and make sure that they are working effectually and proficiently.

Who can get admission in Ph.D?

Ph.D or Doctor of Philosophy is the foremost degree in all the domains of subject conferred after completion of master degree. There are lakhs of students every year who aspire to study for Ph.D courses. The students who are looking forward to build up a career in research and academics, pursues Ph.D. Usually the doctorate program in management covers around four to five years, of which the first two years are spent in completing the course work while from the third year, the students have to provide the research and dissertation work.

About the course

The field of Management brings the strategy of management and overseeing subordinates or other employees and make sure that they are working effectually and proficiently. The skills which Ph.D in management develops in a learner are learning and mounting leadership qualities, allocation strategies, business understanding skills, proficient communication skills, cooperation skills, conflict resolution, decision making, assessment, analysis etc.

Specializations in Ph.D

Ph.D degree comprehends the components of various courses and specialization under the management domain. The arena of Management is very vast and diverse. The students who register for Ph.D in Management courses can specialize from a list of subjects. The list of subjects to take Ph.D in Management Admission are as follow:

  • D in Sustainability Management
  • Doctorate in Security Risk Management
  • D in Consumer Science- Clothing Management
  • D in Business Administration
  • D in Strategic Management
  • D in Economics
  • D in management

Ph.D in management: Eligibility criteria

The candidate seeking admission in PhD in Management program must have the master’s degree allied to management studies. However there are some other integrated Ph.D programs offered by some Universities which do not necessitate master’s degree in management. However there are some basic eligibility criteria, which are applicable for all the aspirants seeking admission in Ph.D in management. The basic eligibility for Ph.D in management is as given below:

  1. The candidate must have completed the master degree in management from a recognized university.
  2. For most of the colleges the minimum required percentage is 55% for general category candidates and 50% for reserved category candidates.
  3. The eligibility criteria for integrated Ph.D program is bachelor degree.

What are the career options after Ph.D?

After completing the Ph.D program in Management the candidates get a plethora of high gratifying career opportunities across various industries. The career opportunities accessible after completing Ph.D are as given below:

  1. Business Development Manager
  2. Management Consultants
  3. Chief Executive Officer
  4. Market Research Analyst
  5. Policy Analyst
  6. Strategic Manager
  7. University Lecturer
  8. Product Manager
  9. Quantitative Analyst


As the economy is growing the demand for research scholars is growing. The Ph.D degree holders are going to have a bright future in the coming era. In the developing economy holding a Ph.D degree is a golden key to a rewarding salary and it will assure you a full-time teaching position in any college or institution, other than that the Ph.D holders have many opportunities in developing industries such as analyst post in various departments. The Ph.D holders have variety of options in managerial fields. In the coming phase the demand of Ph.D holders will upsurge in the corporate organisations as well as educational institutions.

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