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What is IGCSE and Is it the right choice for my Child?

Everyone wants children to have solid foundations as they head into the final years of schooling, when aiming to follow A Levels, IB Diploma, AP or your home or country’s national curriculum. International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a programme designed to prepare students for further study wherever they are situated in the world. Sun Smart Foundation School are going to unpack exactly what the IGCSE is and what advantages can bring depending on your situation.

What is IGCSE and is it the right choice for my Child


IGCSE and is it the right choice for my Child: 

What is the IGCSE?

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education is based on the British curriculum (IGCSE) but adapted for a more internationally-focused student-body and it is mainly exam-based, assessed through the exam board chosen by the school and the board offers over 70 subjects, including 30 languages as it aims to be as inclusive as possible to students from a wide variety of linguistic backgrounds, enabling them to continue studying their mother-tongue and the  IGCSE allows for differing levels of ability by offering both Core and Extended curriculum papers.

Different exam boards and do they matter?

IGCSE: Cambridge Assessment International Education  is upon school to choose which exam board they wish to offer the IGCSE through. IGCSE board have  very little chances, or not at all, between the exam boards, the format of the exam might.

IGCSE lays good foundations for the IB Diploma Programme:

IGCSE is designed to be a preparation for further international study, IB Diploma Programme, is a well  entry to International universities. Students who have done the IGCSE tend to have a very solid understanding of foundational concepts to build on in the IB Programme.

 IGCSE lays excellent foundations for the IB Diploma. IGCSE students will also have had experience of exam conditions.The students may lack is an understanding of the inquiry-based learning approach and criteria-based assessment system of the IB Diploma, as well as certain skills such as independent research and IGCSE is  perfectly adequate platform for  IB Diploma in terms its content. Each school will differ in terms of how they manage the balance of knowledge and the 21st century skills considered so important in the world today.

 IGCSE might be a good choice for my child?

IGCSE is accessible to almost all levels of ability and questions are often differentiated in terms of levels of difficulty to meet the needs of both the most able student as well as those who find academics challenging. Assessment takes its  place at the end of the course, it allows students whose first language is not English more time to learn over the course of the programme before demonstrating their learning at the end.  IGCSE is certainly a good option if you know your children’s  strengths in assimilating knowledge and demonstrating this knowledge in exam conditions.

IGCSE board also favours  universities in  UK in  absence of IB Diploma results will take into account of IGCSE results to offer university placement .IGCSE provides University Admissions Department with a more rounded picture of the candidate and it is equally highly regarded as an International qualification will take it into account alongside the relevant A Levels or IB Diploma grades.

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