What Is Healthy Parenting

Parenting often feels like a Rubik’s cube, simple at first but, but seemingly impossible to figure out when you’re in the thick of things. Instead of contending with brightly colored toys, parents find themselves sorting out variables such as their own upbringing, expectations of others and wading through the massive amount of parenting information at our fingertips. In effort to help you will the never ending puzzle we call parenting, here are positive parenting techniques that help raise emotionally healthy kids

What Is Healthy Parenting

Here are few more steps to help in healthy parenting: 

Connection is key

At the root of our humanness is the need for connection. While the focus in parenting is often on tips and techniques to render our children into compliance, research seems to be telling us we’re overlooking our main source of influence, a strong connection with our child.

Self-reflection is paramount

Most parents want to be responsive to their child as opposed to reactive. In order to do so, it is vital that parents are in tune with not only our child’s emotions but also our own. Why? So, we aren’t entering into daily interactions harbouring thoughts and emotions that will be a hindrance to our parenting.

If we are feeling resentful and angry that we got four hours of sleep last night, we won’t be able to effectively respond to our pre-schooler’s tantrum. When parents become self-aware, we can be consciously and not project our own emotional needs onto our child.

Look at negative behaviours in a new light

There’s no doubt that for most of us our knee-jerk tendency is to look at our child’s behaviour on the surface level which greatly affects our approach to discipline in a child. This approach often leads to personalizing and misinterpreting our children’s actions which. However, if we can make the paradigm shift from focusing on surface behaviours to what our child’s behaviours are communicating to us, it will be a life-changing positive parenting technique.

Misbehaviour isn’t always what it seems and so it doesn’t always require “discipline” as much as it requires a parent willing to understand what is going on underneath it all. If children choose to misbehave, it’s because they need guidance from someone that they can trust to find a better path. So be calm and try to be their friend, understand the situation, help them and make them understand and show them the right direction.

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