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What are the salient differences between Montessori schools and other schools

Montessori schools are a step ahead of other schools because they use award-winning programmes based on the reputed Montessori approach. They use the best practices of pre-school education and provide pre-schoolers with a strong foundation as they begin their learning journey and student life. Montessori schools are known to be the epitome of revolutionary, outstanding school education. These schools provide students with a safe, warm, homelike, interactive learning environment and offer unique growth opportunities for students.

Montessori schools are across the world. Suppose, if you're looking for the best Montessori schools in Noida for your kids, then you should know about parameters and features that make Montessori schools better than other schools. Here are some of the fascinating aspects of Montessori schools that make them a popular, reputed, and trusted choice.

  1.     Focus on Complete Education in Montessori

Montessori schools provide pre-schoolers with academic, physical, emotional, and social education. It ensures that students get a chance to develop in every field. In addition to providing a strong academic foundation, these schools also help young students develop a sense of responsibility and learn values, ethics, and good habits. Students learn to take care of their belongings and to obey and follow the teacher's instructions.

In addition to learning science, literature, and maths students also learn to exercise daily and to follow healthy habits like chewing food properly and washing hands. They learn to interact with other students, participate in various events, and express themselves more confidently. Montessori teachers understand the importance of sensorial work for young children, so they use attractive, tactile materials to help students improve their sense of smell and hearing.

  1.     Montessori schools Role of Teacher

Teachers play a crucial role in providing the best pre-school education to kids in Montessori schools. Montessori teachers understand that different students have different learning abilities, so teachers do not address the entire group of kids at once but rather provide them with individualized learning.

Montessori teachers usually position themselves among the children and spend time observing and understanding the academic needs, emotional nature, skills, and learning styles of students. They work one-on-one with every kid and based on the individual child's ability, teachers introduce kids to appropriate academic materials at the right time.

  1.     Uninterrupted Period of Learning

Montessori schools provide students with uninterrupted periods of individualised learning and intense concentration. Unlike other schools, where limited periods are allocated for different subjects, Montessori schools provide students with long morning or afternoon work periods where all the academic subjects are covered in one classroom. 

Montessori teachers understand that every student has a different academic level. Thus, pre-schoolers are allowed to learn at their pace. Every child works independently, and it enables young children to reach intense concentration. They engage in deep learning and thus develop improved results.

  1.     Experiential Learning as compared to non Montessori

In Montessori schools, students learn through innovative and unique hands-on projects. Montessori teachers encourage students to participate in various learning games and activities. Students are given tactile, attractive objects using which they learn numeracy and other skills. Teachers devise creative projects to help children learn through experience and understand new concepts in a better way. There is a personalised curriculum for every kid based on their learning ability and pace.

Montessori schools are the best school-choice for your kids because these schools offer an enriching learning experience to students. In Montessori schools, kids have the freedom to choose where they want to sit and chose what lessons they want to learn under the guidance of an experienced teacher. It develops self-discipline and a love for learning among students. Thus, Montessori schools foster a community of young learners who are committed to learning and support each other in the process.

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